Madison Mallards All-Time Alumni Roster Playing Professional Baseball



Position     Year(s) w/ Mallards        Current Affliate/League                    
Arobio, Vince RHP 2015 Boston Red Sox (Rookie)
Barker, Brandon RHP 2012 Baltimore Orioles (AA)
Bogucki, AJ RHP 2014-15 Washington Nationals (Low-A)
Bower, Matt LHP 2015 Houston Astros (A)
Bueno, Hever RHP 2015 Texas Rangers (Rookie)
Burawa, Dan RHP 2009 Atlanta Braves (AA)
Cherry, Taylore RHP 2013 Chicago White Sox (High-A)
Crawford, Jonathon RHP 2011 Cincinnati Reds (High-A)
Duchene, Kevin LHP 2013 Oakland Athletics (Rookie)
Frohwirth, Tyler RHP 2015 Philadelphia Phillies (Rookie)
Gibson, Daniel LHP 2012 Arizona Diamondbacks (AAA)
Gonsolin, Anthony RHP 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers (A)
Graham, J.R. RHP 2009-10 New York Yankees (MLB)
Hibbing, Nick RHP 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates (Low-A)
Hovis, Reilly RHP 2013 Miami Marlins (Low-A)
Howard, Nick RHP 2012 Cincinatti Reds (High-A)
Kaelin, Mike RHP 2015 Los Angeles Angels (A)
Lamarche, Will RHP 2012 Detroit Tigers (A)
Lamb, Chris LHP 2011 Oakland Athletics (High-A)
McDonnel, Rob RHP 2014 Los Angeles Dodgers (Rookie)
Milroy, Matt RHP 2011 Texas Rangers (High-A)
Moss, Scott LHP 2015 CIncinnati Reds (Rookie)
Portland, Matt LHP 2014 Kansas City Royals (Rookie)
Poyner, Bobby LHP 2012 Boston Red Sox (High-A)
Sharp, Sterling RHP 2015 Washington Nationals (Rookie)
Snead, Kirby LHP 2014 Toronto Blue Jays (A)
Stewart, Brock RHP 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers (AAA)
Topa, Justin RHP 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates (High-A)
White, Brandon RHP 2015 Atlanta Braves (Rookie)
Windle, Tom LHP 2011

Philadelphia Phillies (High-A)

 Position Players


Position     Year(s) w/ Mallards        Affliate/League                    
Alonso, Peter INF 2014 New York Mets (Low-A)
Bruno, Stephen INF 2010 Chicago Cubs (AAA)
Fisher, Derek OF 2012 Houston Astros (AAA)
Fitzgerald, Mike C 2013 San Diego Padres (High-A)
Forgione, Erik INF 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates (Low-A)
Gaedele, Kyle OF 2010 San Diego Padres (AA)
Gerber, Michael INF 2012 Detroit Tigers (AA)
Goldstein, Jason C 2013, 2015 Seattle Mariners (Low-A)
Gosselin, Phil INF 2008

Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB)

Gould, Jordan INF 2015 Miami Marlins (Low-A)
Gushue, Taylor C 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates (A)
Hicks, John C 2009 Detroit Tigers (AAA)
Juengel, Matt INF 2011 Miami Marlins (AAA)
Koenig, Sam OF 2012 Los Angeles Angels (Rookie)
La Prise, John INF 2013 Toronto Blue Jays (A)
Lopez, Rafael C 2010 Cincinnati Reds (AAA)
Marincov, Tyler OF 2012 Oakland Athletics (AA)
Marabell, Connor OF 2014 Cleveland Indians (High-A)
Matheny, Tate OF 2013 Boston Red Sox (A)
McCarthy, Joe OF 2013 Tampa Bay Rays (High-A)
Pagnozzi, Matt C 2002

Arizona Diamondbacks (AAA)

Ramirez, Jean C 2015 Tampa Bay Rays (Rookie)
Riggins, Harold INF 2009-10 Miami Marlins (High-A)
Tenerowicz, Robbie INF 2014 Tampa Bay Rays (Rookie)
Thaiss, Matt INF 2014 Los Angeles Angels (A)
Theroux, Collin C 2015 Oakland Athletics (Rookie)
Trevino, Jose INF 2012 Texas Rangers (A)
Weeks, Drew OF 2013 Colorado Rockies (High-A)

Last updated on 8/17/2016