In an effort to most liken the Northwoods League to the entry levels of Professional Baseball the League will follow these guidelines with regard to the usage of pitchers.

A pitcher cannot begin a new inning after throwing 100 pitches or more. A pitcher cannot face a new batter after throwing 110 pitches or more. In the event, a starting pitcher, has not allowed a hit, he will not be allowed to begin a new inning after throwing 120 pitches or more.

Following an appearance in which a pitcher throws 100 or more pitches he must have five full days of rest prior to his next appearance in a game. Following an appearance in which a pitcher throws between 85-99 pitches he must have four full days of rest prior to making an appearance in a game. If a pitcher throws 35 or more pitches in one inning, he will not be allowed to return for the next inning or the remainder of the game.

A pitcher cannot make appearances in more than two consecutive days. The official scorer will have final say with regard to pitch counts. 

A game, in which a team(s) is in violation of the Pitching Guidelines shall result in the win from that game being removed and replaced with a loss for the offending team(s). The non-offending team will have their loss taken away but they will not be given a win.

All statistics from the game will remain with the exception of the WON/LOSS record.