Become a Host Family


Most players arrive in Alexandria sometime between Memorial Day and June 1. The regular season starts May 31st and ends August 12th. However, the season can be extended if the team reaches the League playoffs. Host families house, feed and provide the player with lots of support. The player is a member of your family during their time in Alexandria. Hosting a player can be a rewarding experience. Some of the benefits are listed here:

• Your family receives free season tickets
• Your family will attend special host family events
• The player will be a positive role model for your children
• You will be a bit more involved with the community
• You will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the future of a young man
• You just might be getting to know a future Major League Baseball Star
• You have the potential for the creation of a long-term friendship

If you are interested in ADOPTING A BLUE ANCHOR for the summer, please contact us.


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