Handicap parking is available in the Knute Nelson Memorial parking lot on a first come, first serve basis. Handicap seating is located on the third base side of the stadium. Handicap seating is located in the General Admission seating area, and is on a first come, first serve basis. Fans attending the game that need handicap seating may purchase a General Admission ticket and sit in the designated area.

Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages may be brought through any gate into Knute Nelson Memorial Park nor may any alcoholic beverages be taken out of the facility. Minnesota law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21; proper age identification (valid picture ID) is required for anyone purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages at Knute Nelson Memorial Park. Anyone deemed to be intoxicated will be refused further alcoholic beverage purchases and the Blue Anchors staff may evict, any person deemed intoxicated from the field.. Drink responsibly and PLEASE DON'T DRINK & DRIVE.


With the exception of legitimate service animals, no pets or animals of any kind are allowed into the stadium.  The Blue Anchors do allow some animals into the stadium for the sole purpose of participating in an on field promotion (Pre-determined and scheduled only) as well as a promotional date (Bark in the Park).


Banners and signs are welcome at Knute Nelson Memorial Park. They may not be hung or displayed in any way that interferes with the sight line of any player or umpire, or obstructs the view of any fan. Stadium management reserves the right to remove any banner that is viewed to be in bad taste or is causing an obstruction.

Box Office

Tickets for all Blue Anchors home games are available at the stadium box office on scheduled game days, 90 minutes prior to the schedule start of that day's game.  Tickets may be purchased at the Blue Anchors business office Monday through Friday (9am-5pm on non game days; 9am-4pm on game days (7:05pm starts) and 9am-10:30am (weekday 1:05pm games), Saturday and Sunday business office closed.  Game tickets may not be re-sold or distributed on stadium grounds at any time.

Carry-In Items

No food, beverage, or pets (except certified assistance dogs) are allowed into Knute Nelson Memorial Park unless otherwise approved by the Blue Anchors Front Office Staff. Blankets and umbrellas may be carried in as long as they do not interfere with the game experience for the fans in attendance. Blue Anchors Front Office Staff reserves the right to ask any fan to return their items to their vehicle in such cases that it does interfere.  To ensure the safety of fans, players, and employees, all containers and bags are subject to inspection.

Cameras and Video Cameras

Cameras and video cameras are permitted. Camera tripods are not permitted as they pose a trip hazard.

Chair/Lawn Umbrellas

Lawn chairs and lawn umbrellas are not permitted inside the stadium.

Children's Entry into the Ballpark

Children 4 years old and under are not required to have a ticket. Any child who enters without a ticket must SHARE a seat with the accompanying adult.  Anyone sitting in a Box Seat MUST have a ticket for their assigned seat, including Children 4 and under.

Concessions/Sports Deck/Deck/Suites

The Blue Anchors offer full-service concession stands behind the General Admission seating area. The Main Concession Stand is located behind home plate on the first base side, with 2 additional food stands located on the concourse. Beer and alcoholic beverages (wine, etc) are only served out of the Main Concession Stand.
     Sports Deck: Located down the left field line, the Sports Deck is an All-You-Can-Eat-And-Drink Experience, including beer, soda, popcorn and a strong selection of food.  The Sports Deck opens 60 minutes prior to first pitch, same as the main gates and can hold up to 400 fans. Group, Adult and Kid pricing are available.  Tickets can be purchased at the Box Office on game days based on availability, or purchased at the business office for any game during the regular season.
     Grand Slam Patio: Located above the visitor's dugout down the 3rd baseline, this All-You-Can-Eat-And-Drink Experience has the best seat in the house along with access to the Sports Deck.  The Grand Slam Patio is rented out to groups of 25-30 and is your private area.  No single ticket or walk-up tickets available.
     Luxury Suites: Located above


Playing catch, running or rollerblading on the concourse is not permitted.

Diaper Bags

Infant diaper bags are permitted with no size restriction. Bags are subject to search.

Fan Behavior

Any patron(s) displaying the following conduct will be subject to ejection from the stadium:

Interfering with other guests' ability to enjoy the game, Using foul or abusive language or gestures, Wearing obscene or indecent clothing, Appearing impaired/intoxicated, Interfering with the progress of the game or going on to the field (also subject to arrest) and Sitting in seats for which they are not properly ticketed.  Guests are not to interfere with a ball in play or interrupt a game in any form. Violations of this rule will result in automatic ejection from the ballpark.

Fan Mail

Anyone wishing to write a Alexandria Blue Anchors player may do so by sending a letter to: Attention of the Player, Alexandria Blue Anchors, PO Box 427, Alexandria MN 56308

Foul Balls

Fans are welcome to keep foul balls hit into the seating areas and public parking areas. Fans are not permitted on the field or in other posted areas to retrieve a ball.  Fans can turn in a legal foul ball (one that was being used in that day's game and legit NWL baseball) for $1.00 credit at the main concession stand only.  No cash back will be given.

Gates Open

Knute Nelson Memorial Park gates open one hour before game time unless advertised or announced differently.

Lost Child/Parent

A lost child or parent should be brought immediately to the Fan Service Center located on the concourse by the main entrance gate.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items (of value or otherwise) should be brought to the Fan Service Center located on the concourse by the main entrance gate.  To claim an item, please check at the Fan Service Center during the game or call the Blue Anchors the following day(s).


The paging system is for emergency announcements only and cannot be used for paging children or other guests.


Profanity will not be tolerated. Any guest using profanity will be asked to cease or leave the stadium. Violations of this rule may be cause for ejection.

Rain Check Policy

General Admission Tickets:
In the event that a regulation game (4.5 innings) is not played and the ticket has been torn upon admission, the ticket may be exchanged AS YOU LEAVE
KNUTE NELSON MEMORIAL PARK for a general admission ticket for any current year, regular season home game.


The Alexandria Blue Anchors ask that you please be aware of the action on the field and watch for flying objects (bats, balls, etc.) hit or thrown into the stands at all times.  These objects are capable of causing injury Please do not run or climb on or jump over any fence or railing at the stadium.  The Blue Anchors ask that you keep your eyes on the field at all times.

Smoking Policy

Under city ordinance, Knute Nelson Memorial Park is a smoke free facility.  Fans will not be permitted to smoke in the stadium. Fans must exit the stadium at the main gate and smoke in the designated smoking areas. Fans violating this policy will receive a warning. A second violation will result in automatic ejection from the ballpark.

Stadium Exit and Re-Entry

Fans who leave Knute Nelson Memorial Park may receive a hand stamp from the ticket taker at the main entrance gate. A valid hand stamp is required for re-entry to Knute Nelson Memorial Park for that game only.


Fans are not permitted to stand in the isles, walkways and ramp areas. You will be ask to take a seat as to not obstruct the view and experience of the others.

Throwing Objects

Throwing any object onto the field will result in automatic ejection.  Throwing objects in the stadium may result in immediate ejection.


Umbrellas can be brought into the stadium if inclement weather is possible.


Firearms concealed or otherwise or other weapons are not allowed in the stadium.  Violations of this rule will result in automatic ejection and/or arrest by law enforcement.