Bombers Ticket Sales Director: “Don’t buy our season tickets”

I might be the worst Ticket Sales Director in the country.


By: Nate Kissell
Ticket Sales Director

Battle Creek Bombers

You read my title right. I am the Director of Ticket Sales. My sole job is to sell as many tickets as humanly possible. Well I might be the only Front Office Executive in the country to say this, but: don’t buy our season tickets.

They made me dress up to make it look like I know what I’m doing.

I’m serious. Do us both a favor and don’t do it. Allow me to explain.

Let’s think about it. Who can spend 36 nights at our stadium? Heck, I don’t even go to all the games.  How would I expect you to be at them all.

I’ve got a better idea. And it comes with a free jersey & hat. I can even reward you for going to less games by feeding you for free.  Yes, feed you for free, for going to less games.

I’m probably the worst Director of Ticket Sales in the country. Regardless, my idea for you is our 5-Game Pack.

With the 5-game pack you get:
  • All-You-Can-Eat.  At every game you attend, you’ll get all of the hot dogs, burgers, chicken sandwiches, chips, soda and water you want for 4 innings. We’ve also built you your own food and beverage pavilion that allows you to skip the concession lines.
  • FREE Gifts. Receive a team jersey, hat, bobblehead & two other gifts all for free. This is over $75 in value included in your package.
  • The Best Games on the Best Dates. This package gets you into the 5 best games of the year. Firework nights, celebrities, “America’s Got Talent” entertainment acts. Last year these weekend nights sold out.  The only way to guarantee your seat at these games is with your 5-Pack.
  • Ticket Exchange Program. If for some reason you can’t make a game, you can exchange any unused tickets for tickets to another regular season home game.
  • No-Hassle Renewal Program. Our ticket packages are automatically renewed which will guarantee your perks. If you wish to cancel at any time, just let us know and we’ll take care of you. August 1st is the renewal date.
  • Limited Availability. Our stadium only allows us to offer 500 of these packages per game. This all-inclusive plan is not available during the season.
  • Highly Affordable. All of this will only cost you $13 per game. That’s just $65 per 5-game bleacher pack. If you walked up the day of the game, you’d pay $10 per ticket and not receive the food, beverage, gifts and perks. ($80 for box seats 5-game pack)
  • Payment Plan. Our staff can set up an easy monthly plan for you that lets you lock your seats in now and pay as we get closer to the season.

With this 5-game plan, you get about one game every two weeks, which is just right for a lot of fans.

In order to reserve your 5-game pack, click “reserve now” below, or fill out the form and we will contact you about your plan. You can also call us at (269) 962-0735 or email Seating location will be determined on a first come, first served basis.

And do so soon. This is our best offer of the year and over 300 plans have already been reserved.


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