Which type of event works for our Budweiser Dog House? An office outing? Yes, absolutely. A Little League party? Sure. A birthday party? Definitely. A company event? Now you’re talking.

With a new team comes upgrades and improvements. The former party deck has been completely renovated and is now the Budweiser Dog House!

Picture an all-inclusive resort meets your backyard deck with a view. Once you’re in, everything is included from ballpark food, soda/water, to 7 beer tabs. Guests have room to interact and mingle, enjoy food and drinks, and view the exciting action on the field.

The Dog House has multiple sections providing different views that can be reserved for your event.

The Budweiser Dog House features multiple seating areas.  Share a section with another group, reserve your own section, or reserve multiple sections.  We have an area to fit every group’s needs!

1. LF Home Run Alley (75)-This area is just past the left field fence and a hot spot for Battle Jacks home runs. It is also located right next to our food and drink serving areas.
2. The Lower Deck (100)-This area is located along lower level of the Dog House. This area is located next to our lower level food and drink serving area as well.
3. The Middle Deck (100)-The middle portion of the deck, this area provides an elevated view to the playing surface along with easy access to either the upper or lower deck food and serving areas.

Pricing:$25 per person

*Kids under 12 receive a free hat

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