Home Plate Club

A table that seats four located behind home plate. Each table includes premium all-inclusive food ranging from appetizers, mains and desserts. Plus, premium drinks served by our friendly wait staff.

New for 2022: Increased food selections, rotating specialty items and an improved food experience.

Pricing: Full season (36 games) $6,000. Half-season (18 games) $3,000. 9-game plan $1,500.

Suite Seats

These seats are located right above the dugouts on both the first and third base side, as close to the field as you can get. They include all-you-can-eat food and soda/water all served out of a private outlet, along with 5 vouchers for a Battle Jacks hat, dessert or beer/wine. You’ll also have custom food/drink rails in front of your seat.

Pricing: Full season (36 games) $900. Half-season (18 games) $450. 9-game plan $225.

For more info or to reserve your tickets call us at (269) 962-0735 or fill out the form below.

Battle Jacks Season Tickets