The Fourth Wise Man Tells All

An idea 2000+ years in the making


What if I told you that there were in fact 4 Wise Men, not just 3? What if I also told you that the gift the 4th Wise Man had was the greatest gift of all? Better than any gold, or frankincense or myrrh. The 4th Wise Man, you see, was far ahead of his time. He knew before anyone else that the holiday season isn’t just about “stuff.”

What the fourth wise man knew was that the Holiday Season is really about spending time with the ones you love and creating memories that will last a lifetime. He knew that no amount of precious metals could create that experience, so he had to think long and hard as to what gift would be able to capture what the holiday spirit really represents.

What he came up with is 2000+ years in the making. It is the Battle Creek Bombers 5-Game Pack. The Bombers 5-Game Pack gives you uninterrupted family time and a summer worth of fun all packaged into one great deal. It’s not gold. It’s not frankincense. It’s not myrrh. It’s nights at the ballpark with great food, great entertainment, and memories your family won’t ever forget. Some might even say it’s like Christmas in July.

Here is exactly what that 4th Wise Man had in mind on that cold, winter’s night 2000+ years ago:


  • 1 ticket to our 5 best games. That’s right, you would get a Reserved Bleacher ticket to each of our 5 best games of the 2019 season. These games include our fireworks shows and some of our best entertainment acts we will have to offer.
  • Unlimited food for 4 innings. You will receive a wide variety of food including burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, and a rotating specialty item at each of our 5 best games.
  • A jersey, hat, and more. Each 5-Game Pack comes with a Bombers jersey, Bombers hat, and three cool experiences. Our fans survey told us that people want more in terms of experiences rather than material items. Thus we will be offering more in terms of the fan experience next summer. We can’t tell you what those will be just yet but they are going to be awesome.
  • Flexible tickets. You’re never locked in to one specific date. If you cannot make it to a set 5-Pack date, just call the Bombers and we’ll exchange your ticket out for another game of your choice (based on availability).
  • No-hassle renewal program. Your tickets will be renewed automatically, so you can look forward to these memorable experiences year-round.

The Bombers 5-Game Pack is $65, which breaks down to only $13 per ticket. If you wait and try to buy a ticket the day of the game, you will be paying $10 at the window and that ticket would not include any of the great perks listed above. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that we will even have tickets available for these 5 games next summer the day of the game. The only way to guarantee your spot at these games is through our 5-Game Pack.

If you cannot pay for the entire pack all at once, no worries! You can simply place a 25% deposit to reserve your spot for next year and then do a monthly payment plan to ease the burdens of costs.

This holiday season, give the gift the 4th Wise Man would want you to have.. Quality time with the ones you loves most. If you purchase by December 21, you will receive a Bomber’s jersey to put under the tree.

Jon Ferrer

Fan Experience Director


The Fourth Wise Man

Jon will contact you within 24 hours.