Wing Wednesday: Coach Sean Repay

Our Birds have flown home for the winter, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about them. Welcome to Wing Wednesdays where we get to know our 2017 roster a little bit better than before. The Bird we interviewed for the first week is the Field Manager of the Larks, Sean Repay.

Larks: What do you do on the offseason?

Coach Repay: There is no actual offseason for me. As soon as the summer in Bismarck ends, I head back to my full-time job as the Associate Head Baseball Coach at Lakeland University in Wisconsin. I am also our recruiting coordinator so I am in charge of finding and bringing in our incoming student-athletes. On top of that, I get to enjoy my time with my wife and kids!

L: What is your favorite ’90s jam and why?

CR: This is a hard one for me since I spent age 6-16 in this time frame. So many good songs that remind me of great times in my life. Going to have to go with Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit. First tape I ever bought…yes…tape. 

L: What do you miss most about Bismarck?

CR: The people/fans. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work for the best front office/people in the Northwoods League. The support I receive from my coworkers is second to none. Also, I get to coach a great group of players in front of the best fans in the Northwoods League. Our fan support made me feel like home when I was away from my family this past summer. The city and community of Bismarck is very unique, one of a kind, and will always hold a special place in my heart. I am excited to get back there!

L: What was the last gift you gave someone?

CR: Flowers for my wife. 

L: What is the best part about being home?

CR: Family. As much as I love my job and baseball in general, I love my family more. The time I get to spend at home with them is priceless. Being a father and husband will always be the best thing I get to do.

L: Where would you go in a time machine?

CR: I would never go back in time. I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing about it. But maybe go to the future, grab some winning Powerball numbers and come back to the present wouldn’t be the worst thing, would it?

L: What are you looking forward to the most for the 2018 season?

CR: Continuing what we started in 2017. Our roster is exciting from top to bottom. This season we are looking to make a playoff run. I believe that our coaching staff has a winning culture with the Larks players. Mostly, bringing an exciting brand of baseball in front of a sold out Bismarck crowd every night!

L: If you were an ice cream, what flavor would you be?

CR: Chocolate…because who doesn’t like chocolate?

L: How would you get an elephant in the refrigerator?

CR: It would depend on the size of the elephant and the size of the refrigerator. I’m going to say baby elephant in a meat locker…just open the door!

L: How has the Larks organization impacted your life?

CR: Last summer was one of the best summers of my coaching career. The people I met through that journey I will never forget. So many people made an impact on me. From players, co-workers, fans, support staff…they all made a positive impact on my life in some form. Our Home Run for Life participants inspired me in so many ways as well. The whole experience was one I will never forget. The best part is that I get to do it all over again this summer. I can only hope that I make an impact on people the same way they do with me. Go Larks!