I Hire Elves

You Won’t Believe What These Elves Told Me



By: John Bollinger
General Manager
Bismarck Larks

Why in the world do I hire elves for a baseball team?

Well, you may be struggling to come up with the right gift for a baseball fan that you know. My elves can help.

For instance, when the elves and I sat down to talk about the holiday season, the elves had some strong opinions.

“Less games,” one elf, the plump one, said. “That’s what families want.”

“Yes, make it easy for families,” said another elf, the one that’s always smiling.

“Give them the best games and lots of free stuff,” said the elf that did cartwheels when trying to make a point. “Include food, soda, and water too!”

So the elves and I created a ticket package for busy families. This may work for you. Here’s what you get:

1. Just Seven Games. That’s only two games a month for the summer when school is out. It’s a blend of weekend and weekday games and fits perfectly into your summer calendar.

2. All You Can Handle Food and Beverage. That’s right. This package comes with all you can handle hot dogs, burgers, pulled pork, chips, potato salad, soda, water, and a rotating food special from the time gates open through the 3rd inning. This year, we’re even adding a sweet treat.



3. 5 FREE Presents. We like to give our pack holders special items. For every Scheels 7 Game Pack, you get 5 free gifts. You get a FREE Larks jersey, a FREE Larks hat, a FREE bobblehead, and two other gifts.

4. Fireworks and National Entertainment Act Bonus. At some of your games, you’ll get to see post game fireworks and some of the best minor league entertainment acts from across the country.



5. Exchange Games. Can’t go to a game on your schedule? Don’t worry. Exchange the ticket for a game you can go to.

6. Pay It Your Way. If you wish, we can break it up into three easy payments. The cost per Scheels 7 Game Pack starts as low as $16 per ticket. That’s right, only $112 for the entire package. The elves convinced me this was a good idea.

The only problem is we only have a limited amount of these elf-created Scheels 7 Game Packs available. Since August, we’ve already sold out of the first two packages and only have two more left for the season so I would recommend that you order today.

The elves have even created a holiday card that you can use to deliver your Scheels 7 Game Pack as a gift. No wrapping paper or shimmying down chimneys required.

Reserve a plan by calling 701-557-7600 or by filling out the form below. You’ll make my elves happy. You’ll make yourself happy next summer when you’re having fun at our games.

7-Game Packs

    This Club gives children exclusive giveaway items, access to VIP events, discounts on youth baseball camps, etc.
  • Price: $140.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $112.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $280.00 Quantity:
    Additional benefits include early access on game days and first priority in choosing 2018 game plans.
  • Price: $224.00 Quantity:
    Additional benefits include early access on game days and first priority in choosing 2018 game plans.
  • Price: $60.00 Quantity:
    For $60, receive 12 tickets that can be used for a draft beer, 5oz Dippin Dots, or YMCA Family Fun Zone wristband.