2018 Larks Donut


And the 2018 Official Larks Donut is…
The Pitcher’s Mound!

This season the Larks and Bearscat Bakehouse mixed-up some delicious recipes, in hopes of creating the perfect donut for our fans. We narrowed it down to five tasty candidates, and put your taste buds to the test.

Thousands of votes trickled in and at times it was a close race, but when the final votes were counted —  it was the Pitcher’s Mound that took the crown as the 2018 Larks donut.

With the help of Bearscat Bakehouse and Clark the Lark we revealed the winning donut on National Donut Day. Our boys even sported donut jerseys in honor of the big day!

Fans could purchase the fluffy, Nutella filled donut topped with frosting and peanuts at Bearscat Bakehouse all-season long.

Who will be the 2019 winner?
Get your taste buds ready.

Bearscat Bakehouse’s pastry chefs are already hard at work concocting new recipes for 2019.

What will they be? Who will be the winner?

Be sure to check back next season and cast your vote for the 2019 official Larks donut!