Cross your fingers, because you could walk away with 50k — NEXT SEASON!
The perfect hit = BIG money.


Our boys got close. REALLY close to hitting a ball into the hole located above the Dakota Community Bank and Trust outfield wall sign. Unfortunately it wasn’t close enough.

A little further and one lucky fan would have walked away with some BIG MONEY. And by big money we mean — $50,000 courtesy of Dakota Community Bank and Trust.



Every fan who entered was also automatically entered in to be the official Foul Liner of the game! 

What is a foul liner?

As the official Foul Liner of the game, fans had the chance to sit along the left field foul line during a game and field any foul ball that came their way! But that’s not all, each foul liner also received some AWESOME perks such as: a Larks jersey, on-field recognition and of course — the chance to field foul balls!