Clark the Lark



He’s big, yellow and the most-well known bird in town. Let us introduce you to Clark the Lark. Instead of moving south for the winter in 2017, he found himself in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Clark knew it was home the minute he landed. Baseball fans and fellow North Dakotans embraced him with open arms. They even helped him pick a name that represented North Dakota’s rich history.

Clark was named after the explorers Lewis and Clark. Which is why you will find him wearing a coon skin hat and the number 18 on his back.

Lewis and Clark traveled through Bismarck along the Missouri River in 1804.

Clark encourages you to bring your friends and your family to a Bismarck Larks game and catch the show. We promise you, it’s something you won’t want to miss!



Clark Appearances

Fans, want Clark to be at your next event? Now is your chance!

Call (701) 557-7600, email Matt at, or fill out the appearance request form below for Clark to appear at your next event.

A $25 fee will apply and trips outside of Bismarck/Mandan may require additional transportation costs.



  • Please provide the time you would like Clark to be there.
    We require all Clark appearances to be a (1) hour minimum. Clark appearances can not exceed (2) hours.