Due to varying state restrictions on large gatherings, interstate travel brings unique challenges to a normal Larks season. So in conjunction with the Northwoods League and Bismarck Parks and Recreation, the Larks have finalized a plan that will eliminate travel and bring three teams right here to Bismarck, ND.

Along with your Bismarck Larks, meet the Bismarck Bull Moose and the Mandan Flickertails. These names were inspired by the final three choices in our 2016 Team Name Contest.

How many guys on each team?

Each team’s roster will be made up of 28 players (13 position players, 15 pitchers).

What will the team’s schedule look like?

Each team will play a 48-game schedule. That would bring a total of 72 home dates to Bismarck Municipal Ballpark, home of DCBT Field starting June 15, with a best of three series postseason ending September 4.

72 dates allow the Larks to maximize playing opportunities and seat all of our ticket holders while maintaining a reduced capacity.

See the Schedule tab for a list of game dates, times, and ticket pack plans.

Where are the other two teams coming from?

 The Larks coaching staff has recruited two teams. Larks Head Will Flynt and Assistant Coach Mitch Gallagher will now be head coaches of the Larks and Bull Moose, respectively.

Due to border closings, our friends from up North, the Thunder Bay Bordercats, will relocate their American players and play under a new name, the Bismarck Flickertails. Their head coach is Mike Steed.

Who do we cheer for?

While we are all Larks fans, this season we encourage YOU to accept ALL three as our hometown teams – so have fun with this, pick your favorites, and support these guys’ quest in reaching their dream of playing in the Majors.

Player Safety and Experience

Players will be housed in local hotels and provided three meals a day from area restaurants. On top of an opportunity to play and the items listed, players will also be provided a gym membership, will have scheduled off-day practices and activities and will have guidelines to follow on and off the field.

Our player’s safety and experience are most important to us. Each season, Bismarck is consistently viewed as one of the best places to play and we needed to put a plan together that provided a safe, comfortable experience for each player. Included below are a few of the player and coach safety guidelines. A full document will be released soon.

  • Each player and coach will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival in Bismarck.
  • Players will be told to stay home if not feeling well and receive temperature screenings before each game. If a player or coach feels sick, in conjunction with our Sanford Health Athletic Trainers, we’ve outlined a clear process for notification, isolation, testing, and if needed, contact tracing.
  • On the field, we’re going to ask them to get creative with their celebrations as to avoid high fives and fist pumps with teammates or the opposing team. We’re also going to ask them to eliminate tossing balls into the stands and autographs for the safety of them and fans.
  • For spacing, position players will sit in the dugout, and pitchers will sit in the bullpen – and all areas will have hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and masks available.
  • Equipment will be sanitized before and during games including helmets, bats, balls, catcher’s equipment and numerous other guidelines that will be in place on and off the field that encourages players and coaches to avoid close contact with each other as often as possible.
  • Players and coaches have additional guidelines and as best practices are presented by MLB and other leagues, we will look to adopt those as well.

Please see below the latest up to date information regarding the Bismarck Larks & Northwoods League Season. If you have any questions please feel free to call the Bismarck Larks at 701-557-7600. 

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