Bismarck Larks Seeking Front Office Superstar

WARNING: If you want to be a sports business version of a utility infielder, you shouldn’t waste your time reading about our open positions.

To become a superstar with teams, you need to first know that it all starts with tickets. Tickets are the lifeblood of sports teams. Once you truly learn how to market tickets, then it’s on to making sure these fans renew year after year. Learn these, and you’ve got the right ticket to run teams. 

So, we start our people on our lifeblood—remember, that’s ticket sales. We don’t give a phone book or a stale customer service manual and tell you to go sell tickets. Our philosophy is train, train, train, and when we get tired of that, we train some more. Our goal is to accelerate your growth as fast as we can. 

OPEN POSITION: Fan Development Manager – this role is responsible for selling, renewing, and overseeing all of the Larks 7 Game Ticket Packages, mini plans, and other season ticket offerings for fans.


  • Complete/graduate sales training boot camp
  • Contacting targeted sales leads and local families to generate ticket sales revenue through mini plans, season tickets, and group sales
  • Make 70-80 calls per day
  • Maintain call logs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Provide superior service to clients, existing ticket holders, and general fans
  • Brainstorm and work with a team of highly motivated individuals on developing unique ways to bring the best experience to our fans each game
  • Participate in weekly meetings to help develop skills and accelerate growth
  • Customer service and ticketing problem solving
  • Attending/staffing additional outside events (community relations)
  • Performing other duties and responsibilities as assigned by Director of Ticket Sales


Do you want to be a superstar in sports business? That’s the first qualification. If you answered yes, then answer two more questions: 1) do you have a strong work ethic and 2) do you have desire to learn and excel? 


You may be asking yourself what are the chances to eventually run a team someday? This is a good question to ask. If you are a true superstar, your chances of staying on with our team are high. Our management team oversees three teams in the Northwoods League. We’re planning on buying more. We would like to populate management positions in those teams with people that have learned our marketing methods. We’ll train you, we’ll encourage you to become successful, and then we’ll look for you to do the same with recruits at our other teams.

The pressure is on you to listen, learn, grow, excel, execute and show us that we just can’t sell tickets or service our accounts without you.


  • Annual salary
  • Aggressive commission structure
  • Health benefits
  • Gym membership


To apply for this position please send your cover letter and resume to Bismarck Assistant General Manager, Aaron Guerrero, at