Larks Donut

The results are in…

In 2021, the Larks and Bearscat Bakehouse mixed up four NEW, delicious donut recipes in hopes of creating the perfect donut for Larks fans. Unique and delicious they all were, but only one could remain.

That’s where you came in.

We encouraged fans to vote for their favorite donut in the Bearscat arsenal of scrumptious day brighteners. The 2021 contenders were:

  • COCONUT CLOSER • Sour cream donut topped with toasted coconut and creamy frosting.
  • APPLE PIE RBI • Apple pie filled donut topped off with vanilla icing and pie crust crumbles.
  • WATERMELON WIND-UP • Watermelon frosted donut, covered with black sprinkles.
  • BUBBLE BATTER • Bubble gum frosted donut with a gumball smack dab in the middle.

Thanks to your taste buds, the official 2021 Larks Donut has been selected…

The Watermelon Wind-Up!

Sadly, all the remaining contenders have been halted in production, never to be tasted again. But what made the Watermelon Wind-Up so special? What was it about this donut that caused it to rise above its peers? 

Well… the Watermelon Wind-Up was equipped with a circular frame, lathered in pink watermelon frosting, and topped off with sprinkles. The soft texture of the dough is like a pillow for the taste buds. And the sprinkles are the perfect way to top off this savory snack.

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Larks Donut

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