Larks Winter Warm-Up


Come one, come all, and let’s talk baseball.
The Larks are warming up for the 2018 season and you should be too!



What is the Winter Warm-Up?
Great Question. Here’s your answer.

The Winter Warm-Up is the Larks version of the classic Hot Stove Event held by many baseball teams throughout the country.

In the early days of baseball, the Hot Stove Season referred to an actual baseball season: Hot Stove Leagues, in which MLB players would stay in shape by playing baseball in their hometowns while staying warm with actual hot stoves.

Eventually the Hot Stove concept turned into a social event. On a cold day prior to the season, fans would gather around the hot stove to discuss their favorite team.

This winter, we want YOU to talk about your favorite team — THE LARKS!

The Larks Winter-Warm Up is your one-stop spot to hear about the Larks upcoming season, players and much more. Fans will have the opportunity to hear from Larks Head Coach, Sean Repay and General Manager, John Bollinger. Headlining the event is guest speaker and 1991 Minnesota Twins World Series Champion, Scott Erickson.



The event is open to the public and fans of all ages are welcome to attend!

Inflatables. Music. FUN. And more!