The first available date is July 17. Get your tickets before they’re gone!

The general public can get single game tickets in the Fizzily Bleachers and Fireside Tailgate Area HERE.

If would like to book a group outing, please call our office at 701-557-7600.

3 Teams, 2 Towns, 1 Title

Reserved bleacher and box seats are available in pairs, with unavailable seats “held for social distance” in between each pair. If you’re purchasing for your party of 2,4, 5 or 6, etc., pick your seats, as usual, acknowledging that there will be two seats unavailable between each pair you select. When you arrive and get to your seats, if you desire to scooch together with those in your party using the seats between your pairs that were held for social distance, you are welcome to, as long as your party does not exceed 10 total and you do not use seats held for spacing between another party. Fireside Tailgate ticket is first-come, first-serve group-style seating.)

All single game tickets increase by $2 on the day of the game, excluding Fireside Tailgate Tickets


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