Fizzily Grandstand Bleachers







Whether your group consists of 10 people or 350 people, this is for you.

If your group just wants to go to a game and have fun together, you can do it for as little as $12 each. And even get some special treatment!

There are some neat benefits for groups that come to our games:

Terrific seat location. With a major league team, groups are placed so far away from the plate, the baseball looks like a golf ball. With us, you can get seats right behind the first base dugout. You’re right in the action where the baseball does indeed look like a baseball.

Sit together. Everybody sits together. Cheering for the Larks is fun; cheering for the Larks sitting with your friends is even more fun.

No lines. Everybody in the group will have their tickets before they get to the game. No waiting in line for tickets.

Free Group Larks Hat. With each ticket purchased you receive a free ($17 value) Larks Group Hat!

We’ll put your group’s name in lights. Your group name will be viewed on the image board and welcomed over the PA system.





Sit in comfort, rent a bleacher back.

When you arrive at the ballpark with your group upgrade your Fizzily bleacher ticket by renting a bleacher back at our Mann Sign Sign-Up Table for $2. With your rental, you will receive a Fizzily voucher for FREE custom Coke made from Fizzily. This is redeemable at the Fizzly location (4401 Coleman St). 



Want to include food for your group?

For just an $8 upgrade ($20/ticket) your group will receive 90 minutes all you can free ballpark food including soda/water starting when gates open (gates always open 1 hour before first pitch). We’re talking all the hot dogs, burgers, chips, and potato salad you can eat for 90 minutes!

What it all boils down to is that you can enjoy a Larks game with your friends and it costs just $12 or $20  a ticket. The only problem is these seats sell out fast! If you think your group would like these seats we recommend you fill out the form or give us a call.