Northwoods League Day 2 Filled with Home Runs, Double Headers, and Elite Baseball

The Battle Creek Bombers got the day started with a solid win and RBI collection against the Lakeshore Chinooks. The Wisconsin Rafters and Rockford Rivets played a difficult double header splitting their winning record against each other 1-1.  

Duluth Huskies 10, Thunder Bay Border Cats 4

The Duluth Huskies overcame the Thunder Bay Border Cats ending their second game of the season with a final score of 10-4. The Huskies started off very strong in the first three innings scoring five runs; two in the first, two in the second, and one in the third innings. There were eight members of the Huskies that contributed RBI’s throughout the game. Noah Marcelo and Lance Ford (Texas) had two RBI’s. Carter Putz (Notre Dame) also hit a triple. The losing pitcher was Border Cats Lucas Reid (Sacramento City College) giving up four runs, four hits, and two strike outs. While, the winning pitcher was Evan Yedinak (Canada College) pitching three innings with one hit, one run, and four strike outs. 

Lakeshore Chinooks 1, Battle Creek Bombers 9

Today’s game between the Lakeshore Chinooks and the Battle Creek Bombers ended with a final score of  9-1 with the Bombers stealing the win. The Battle Creek Bombers took charge in the bottom of the third inning scoring three runs. There were three members of the Bombers that helped the team to victory with two RBI’s each, they were John Malcom (Vanderbilt), Hunter Ruhstorfer (Davenport), and Kelby Weyler (Lamar). Also, Kelby Weyler also earned two runs. The winning pitcher of the game was Battle Creek’s Amani Godfrey (Saginaw Valley State) pitching zero balls and two hits during his two inning pitching time. The Chinooks losing pitcher was Jarod Large (North Iowa Area CC). 

St.Cloud Rox 5, Rochester Honkers 3

The St. Cloud defeated the Rochester Honkers in a four run comeback in the 9th inning ending the game with a score of 5-3.The four runs that were made by the St. Cloud Rox were run by Thomas Delgadillo, Tyler Finke ( Southeastern Louisiana), Jordan Barth, and Gus Steiger ( South Dakota State). Rox’s Jordan Barth contributed (Augustana University)  two RBI’s with two hits during the 9th inning. This was a great inning for the St. Cloud to grab the win against the Rivets.  The winning pitcher was Taylor Lepard (USC Upstate) letting no hits, runs, and two strike outs while pitching for two innings. The losing pitcher of the game was Daniel Silva (UC- Colorado Springs). 

Waterloo Bucks 14, La Crosse Loggers 6 

The Waterloo Buck crushed and defeated the La Crosse Loggers with the Bucks making move in the top of the 6th inning scoring six runs. The final score of the game was 14-6, Waterloo Bucks winning. The Bucks stacked up runs with five of their players contributing one or two RBI’s. Both Jake Hitter (Northern Colorado) and Cole Brooks (Northwood) had two RBI’s with Jake having three runs and Cole with two runs. The Loggers had a triple by Kyson Donahue (Arizona) during the 9th inning. The winning pitcher was Jack Parisi (Spalding) pitching three innings, three hits, and five strike outs. While the losing pitcher was Zach Pronschinske (UW La Crosse) also pitching three innings, giving four runs, three hits, and two strike outs. 

Eau Claire Express 4, Bismarck Larks 14

The Bismarck Larks defeated and shot down the Eau Claire Express was a final score 14-4 taking  charge scoring seven runs in the third inning. The Larks Zack Gregory (Arkansas) and Brody Tanksley (Indiana University-Southeast) both contributed a home run in the 3rd inning. Also Jack Chernow (Columbia) hit a triple, one run, and two hits. The winning pitcher for the Bismarck Larks was Matthew Gorman (Hardord CC) pitching 6 innings with three runs, zero strike outs, and two walks. The save of the game was Hunter Kloke (Indiana University-Southeast) who contributed two strike outs, two hits, and one run while pitching three innings. The losing pitcher was Graham Laubscher (St. Thomas)  with six hits, seven runs, and three strike outs.  

Wisconsin Woodchucks 10, Kenosha Kingfish 3

The Wisconsin Woodchucks danced around the Kenosha Kingfish in the 4th inning scoring 4 runs and ending the game with a score 10-3. Four Woodchucks Lawrence Cicileo (Adelphi University), Kaeber Rox (FIU), Alejandro Gonzalez (Waldorf University), and Kyle Simmons (Lynn University) had RBI’s with Kaeber Rox having a total of four. In the 4th inning Nate Thomas (Saint Josephs University) scored an earned home run to boost the Kingfish’s score but it wasn’t enough against the Woodchucks. The winning pitcher was Nate Made (FL Southwest State College) pitching five innings with five strike outs, two runs, and one ball walk. While the losing pitcher was Ben Stephens (Eastern Illinois University) with six hits, seven runs, and zero strike outs. 

Kokomo Jackrabbits 2, Madison Mallards 7

The Madison Mallards conquered the Kokomo Jackrabbits starting off strong in the first inning with 2 runs. The final score was 7-2. Madison’s Justice Bigbie (Western Carolina) hit his first home run of the season during the fifth inning, one run, and three RBIs. Kokomo’s Evan Albrecht (Purdue) had a double while Vinnie Costello (Hofstra) got one RBI. The winning pitcher was Madison’s Quinn Gudaitis (Illinois Wesleyan University) pitching for 4.2 innings, striking out eight, and giving up only two runs. The losing pitcher was Kokomo’s Zech Jarrard (Arkansas State) pitching for 4.1 innings, with six hits, and five strike outs. 

Wisconsin Rapids 2, Rockford Rivets 0 (4:05 pm) 

The Wisconsin Rafter beat the Rockford Rivets 2-0 during their rescheduled and seven innings opening season game.  Rafter Richie Schiekofer (Rutgers) had one RBI is the fourth inning with a fly ball. In the final inning, Peter Matt (Penn) lead the team to victory against the Rivets stealing a run into home plate. The winning pitcher of the game was Matt Osterberg (St. Cloud State) while Rockford Rivets Carter Lawler was the losing pitcher. 

Wisconsin Rafters 3, Rockford Rivets 5 (6:35 pm) 

The Rockford Rivets beat the Wisconsin Rafters in their double header with a final score 5-3. The Rivet’s made a move during the 2nd and 3rd inning scoring a total of four runs. Malik Williams hit a home run for the Rockford Rivets during the 3rd inning bridging the gap between the Wisconsin Rafters. Williams also contributed two runs and two RBIs. The winning pitcher was Jimmy Burnette with five strike outs and two hits in five innings of work. The losing pitcher was Patrick Quinn (Old Westbury) pitching for three innings giving up seven hits, four runs, and one strike out. 

Mankato MoonDogs 2, Willmar Stingers 5

The Mankato MoonDogs fell to and were beat by the Willmar Stingers with a final score 5-2. The MoonDogs were in the lead until the bottom of the 3rd inning but the Stingers soon caught up and scored two runs during the 6th inning for the win. Stingers John Trousdale (Alabama) finished with two RBIs and one hit. Mankato’s Peter Brookshaw (NDSU) hit a double, had one run, and one hit. The winning pitcher was Polo Portela (Cumberland) with six strike outs and two runs in a six inning period. While the Nick Schmidt (Missouri State) was the losing pitcher of the game with five hits, three runs, and two strike outs. 

Fond du Lac Dock Spiders 0, Kalamazoo Growlers 8

The Kalamazoo Growlers shut out the Fond du Lac Dock Spiders taking charge of the game starting in the third inning. The Growlers defeated the Spiders with a impressive 8-0 final score. Kalamazoo’s pitching was the star of the game with their winning pitcher Kaden Helsel (Drury University). He pitched a total of five innings throwing four hits but zero runs during his time on the plate.  Fond du Lac’s losing pitcher was Aaron Ball (Kankakee CC) pitching four innings giving three runs and five hits. Jimmy Sullivan (University of Virginia) contributed a triple in the 8th inning. 

Green Bay Booyah 10, Traverse City Pit Spitters 1

The Green Bay Booyah’s took control and conquered the Traverse City Pit Spitters this afternoon with a final score of 10-1.  The Booyah’s really pulled it together in the 4th inning scoring three runs and continuing the same number of runs in the 5th inning. Green Bay’s Sean Meyer (Marian) smashed four RBI’s and four hits including a triple during the game. Also, Joe Mason (Mount Olive) had two RBI’s and two hits to boost the Green Bay Booyah’s final score. The winning pitcher of the game was Jack Mahoney (Milwaukee), in 5 innings of work, he gave up two hits, zero runs, and had eight strike outs. Traverse City Pit Spitters’ losing pitcher was Conrad Voss (Dallas) pitched around three innings with two strike outs and four runs. 


Schedule for May 30: 

Kenosha @ Kokomo (7:05 pm) 

Wisconsin Woodchucks @ Lakeshore (6:35 pm) 

Traverse City @ Rockford (6:35 pm) 

St. Cloud @ Waterloo (6:35 pm) 

Thunder Bay @ Rochester (6:35 pm) 

Green Bay @ Kalamazoo (7:05 pm) 

Duluth @ La Crosse (6:35 pm) 

Willmar @ Mankato (7:05 pm) 

Fond Du Lac Dock @ Battle Creek (7:05 pm) 

Eau Claire @ Bismarck (7:05 pm) 

Wisconsin Rafters @ Madison (6:05 pm)