Published On: June 13th, 2019

The Lakeshore Chinooks and Madison Mallards started off the day with their postponed series with the Mallards taking the win in both games (7-6, 1-0). The Kokomo Jackrabbits destroyed the Traverse City Pit Spitter with a final score of 10-5. Kokomo captured two wins out of the three games over the Traverse City Pit Spitters. 

Lakeshore Chinooks 6, Madison Mallards 7 (Game #1)

The Madison Mallards defeated the Lakeshore Chinooks in their first game win of their double header series. The Mallards came out of the gates swinging scoring two runs in the first. Drew Benefield (Louisville) and Wade Stauss (Southeastern Missouri) scored one home run each for Madison. For Lakeshore, Griffin Doersching (Northern Kentucky) hit one home run along with two RBIs. The winning pitcher for the Madison Mallards was Nick Morales (San Jose State) with zero runs and one hit. Lakeshore’s losing pitcher was Luke Sommerfeld (Clemson). 

Lakeshore Chinooks 0, Madison Mallards 1 (Game #2) 

The Madison Mallards beat the Lakeshore Chinooks once again in their double header series taking the win in the bottom of the eighth. The final score was a close 1-0. Justice Bigbie (Western California) and Drew Benefield (Louisville) both hit doubles for the Mallards. The winning pitcher was Aj Archambo (Oral Roberts) pitching a strong seven innings with zero runs and seven strike outs. Lakeshore’s losing pitcher was Will Klein (Eastern Illinois). 

Waterloo Bucks 8, Duluth Huskies 0

The Waterloo Bucks shut out the Duluth Huskies with another win in their series. The final score as 8-0. The Bucks had an incredible ninth inning score five runs to bridge the lead over the Huskies. Waterloo’s Lorenzo Elion (Iowa) had three RBIs and hit one triple. The losing pitcher was  Huskies Troy Newell (Western Kentucky). Tyler Miller was awarded winning pitcher of the game with zero runs and three hits during his six inning at the plate.  

Kenosha Kingfish 6, Rockford Rivets 8

The Rockford Rivets defeated the Kenosha Kingfish with a close 8-6 win. Kingfish’s Ryan Knernschield (Eastern Illinois University) received three RBIs and two double hits. Andrew Wilhite (Minnesota) had two RBIs and two doubles for the Rockford Rivets. The winning pitcher was Nate Schneiderman (Dubuque) pitched two innings with zero runs and zero hits. Joe Dittmar (Illinois- Springfield) came in for the last two innings for the save. Kenosha’s losing pitcher was Tanner Fallon (Loras College). 

Wisconsin Woodchucks 3, Green Bay Booyah 4

The Wisconsin Woodchucks lost to the Green Bay Booyah with a close score 4-3. Most of the action was in the first three inning with the Booyah scoring four runs within the bottom of the second and third innings. Woodchucks Kenny Rodriquez (Seminole State College FL) scored one home run along with two RBIs. Chase Hanson (UNLV) scored one home run for Green Bay and thee RBIs. The winning pitcher was Garrett Martin (Marian) pitching a strong five inning with five strike outs and three runs. Jared Godman (Oklahoma) came in for the saving pitch for the Booyah giving up zero runs and one hit. Wisconsin’s Beau Nichols (Lincoln Memorial University) was the losing pitcher of the game. 

St. Cloud Rox 3, Willmar Stingers 10

The Willmar Stinger crushed the St. Cloud Rox 10-3. The Stingers made their move scoring seven runs during the bottom of the two inning. Rox Cam Kline (Minnesota State Mankato) hit one double and two RBIs. John Trousdale (Alabama) scored one home run for the Stinger and received three RBIs. The winning pitcher of the game was Trevor Divinski (Minnesota State- Mankato) and the losing pitcher was Carter Bosch (Georgetown University). 

Fond du Lac Dock Spiders 3, Wisconsin Rapids Rafters 12

Wisconsin Rapids Rafters took control over the Fond du Lac Dock Spiders scoring consistent runs in the last three innings during tonights game. The final score was 12-3. Wisconsin scored a solid six runs during the bottom of the sixth inning attacking the Spiders and taking the lead. Davion Downey (Baylor) received two RBIs and one double. The winning pitcher was Rafters Neil Abbatiello (Wagner) and the losing pitcher Houston Glad (Texas Wesleyan). 

Rochester Honkers 14, Bismarck Larks 4

The Rochester Honkers had an impressive night dominating the Bismarck Larks in their double digit runs tonight. The ending game score was 14-4, Honkers stealing the win. Ryan Wrobleski (Dallas Baptist University) scored one home run, five RBIs, and a double for Rochester. The winning pitcher of the game was Landon Anderson (Cal State Fullerton) pitching five innings strong. Larks losing pitcher was Matt Gorman (Harford CC). 

La Crosse Loggers 3, Thunder Bay Border Cats 5

The Thunder Bay Border Cats beat the La Crosse Loggers in a close and nail-bitting rivalry game. Cats came in in the bottom of the third scoring three runs to take the lead over the Loggers. Jake Engel (Dixie State University (UT)) scored one home run and two RBIs for Thunder Bay. The winning pitcher was Mark Anderson (Lafayette College (PA)) along with Carlos Lequerica (Bethune-Cookman U (FL)) coming in for the save with zero runs and two hits for the Cats. La Crosse Loggers losing pitcher was Mason McMahon (UW La Crosse). 

Battle Creek Bombers, Kalamazoo Growlers 

Tonight’s game in Kalamazoo between the growlers and the Bombers has been postponed due to weather. The game will be made up as part of a split doubleheader on July 4 in Kalamazoo. The first game will start at 2:05 and the second game will start at 7:05. Both games will be nine innings.

Eau Claire Express 4, Mankato MoonDogs 8

The Mankato MoonDogs had a strong first inning scoring six runs straight out of the bat winning tonights game against the Eau Claire Express. The final score was 8-4. Express’ Phillip Sikes (Pima CC) had two RBIs and one double. MoonDogs Craig (Evansville ), Crews (Kansas State), Dooney (Arizona), and Rowdon (Gardner-Webb) received one RBI each. The winning pitcher of the game was Tyler Lesley pitching a total of six innings for Mankato. Alex Dorethy (Western Illinois) swooped in for the save with zero runs, zero hits, and four strike outs. The losing pitcher was Tim Ewald from the Eau Claire Express. 

Traverse City Pit Spitters 5, Kokomo Jackrabbits 10

The Kokomo Jackrabbits smoked the Traverse City Pit Spitters 10-5. The Jackrabbits attacked the first few inning scoring four runs in the first to capture the lead. Dylan Dohanos (Bowling Green) and Chase Keng (UT- San Antonio) had three RBIs and one double each from the Jackrabbits. The winning pitcher was Trevor Nicholson (Eastern Illinois) pitching a strong eight innings. Traverse Cities losing pitcher was Chad Patrick (Purdue Northwest). 


Schedule for June 14:

Wisconsin Woodchucks @ Madison (6:35 pm) 

Fond du Lac @ Lakeshore (6:35 pm) 

Thunder Bay @ Waterloo (6:35 pm) 

Rockford @ Battle Creek (7:05 pm) 

La Crosse @ Willmar (7:05 pm) 

Wisconsin Rapids Rafters @ Green Bay (7:05 pm) 

Bismarck @ Mankato (7:05 pm) 

Kokomo @ Kenosha (7:05 pm) 

St. Cloud @ Rochester (7:05 pm) 

Duluth @ Eau Claire (7:05 pm) 

Kalamazoo @ Traverse City (7:05 pm) 

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