Presents: Heart Disease Awareness Night 

The Eau Claire Express and OakLeaf Clinics are proud to present Heart Disease Awareness Night at Carson Park on Friday, June 19th.

To help bring awareness to heart disease, the Express will wear specialty jerseys to be auctioned off after the game with the proceeds benefitting an organization to be named by OakLeaf Clinics at a later date.

The specialty Heart disease Awareness Jerseys to be worn by the Express will be decorated with the names of families, and individuals that have been affected by heart disease. They are our survivors, supporters, and loved ones.

To nominate an individual or family to be recognized on the specialty Eau Claire Express jerseys, please fill out the information form below.

To learn more about heart disease prevention at an OakLeaf Clinics location near you, click here.

Heart Disease Awareness

This form is to be used to nominate an individual or family that has been affected by heart disease to have their name printed on specialty jerseys to be worn by the Express and auctioned off to benefit charity.
  • Please provide an email of the contact person.