• Trax’s Reading Club is a four week program designed to put a focus on reading during National Reading Month (March)
  • The four weeks represents a base
  • In order to move on to the next base, students must meet their weekly goal of pages to read. The teacher has the ability to set this goal for each student or keep it consistent for the entire class.
  • For each base the student completes they will receive a prize, including a home run prize of a ticket to the 2019 Reading Club Games.
  • Program is for students in grades K – 5.
  • Either kick off or wrap up the program with an appearance from Trax himself!


Registration is easy! If you feel the Eau Claire Express could help your students get excited about reading, contact Jacob Servais at 715-839-7788 or


  1. Complete and return the Reading Club enrollment form to the Eau Claire Express office
    • Once we receive this, we will coordinate drop-off of all materials
  2. Send provided parent letter home with students
  3. Hand out student tracking charts – used by each student to track their minutes
  4. Hang up classroom tracking charts – used in each classroom to compare progress to the rest of the school
  5. Discuss with class how many pages should be read to complete goals
  6. When each base is completed, distribute the corresponding prize to students who completed their goals
  7. After program is complete, hand out the free ticket voucher and redemption/additional ticket order form
  8. Have fun and enjoy Trax’s Reading Club!


At the start of the program, conductors will receive the following:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Introduction letter for parents
  • Trackers for students to keep track of their progress
  • Teacher tracking chart to help track students’ progress and accomplished goals
  • Incentive prizes for students who accomplish their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base goals

Top Reader

The student that reads the most books, pages, minutes in their respective school will receive the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at an Eau Claire Express home game!


The 2019 Reading Club nights are:

Wednesday, June 5

Friday, June 14

  • Member Birthday*



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