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Playoff Dates

Sunday, August 13, 2023 – Thursday, August 17, 2023 (if a weather or travel day is needed, the playoffs may be extended to Friday, August 19).


First and second half sub-divisional winners will be eligible for the playoffs. In the event the second half sub-divisional winner also won the first half, the team in the sub-division with the highest overall winning percentage will also make the playoffs.

  1. The two playoff eligible Teams in each sub-division will compete in a best of three Sub-Divisional Series. The Team with the best overall winning percentage will have home field advantage. The Sub-Divisional Series shall be a 1-2 format (with home field advantage hosting Game 2 and Game 3). If both of the best of three Sub-Divisional Series ends in two consecutive days, the resulting Divisional Championship Game will be played the following day.
  2. The two Sub-Divisional Series winners will play a one-game Divisional Championship Game. Home field advantage for the Divisional Championship Game will go to the Team with the best overall record.
  3. The two Divisional Game winners will play a one-game League Championship. Home field advantage for the League Championship Game will go to the Team with the best overall record.
  4. In the event a “travel day” is needed to accommodate play between the Divisional and League Championship Game, the President, in his or her sole discretion, may add in a travel day before the League Championship Game.

Section 5.  A tie breaker will be used when teams have an identical winning percentage for a half season or a full season in determining home field advantage or sub-divisional champion for that respective half season.  The tie breaker is as follows for determining a sub-divisional half season champion, sub-divisional home field advantage, or divisional home field advantage:

  1. Overall head to head winning percentage
  2. For sub-divisional standings and series: Winning percentage vs. the next highest placed team in sub-division, using overall record, and so on throughout sub-division. If a Team has not played against the highest placed Team in the sub-division or any subsequent Team, then the Team’s record versus the next highest placed Team will be used.
  3. For Divisional Championship Game: Winning percentage vs. teams in the other sub-division. And, if still tied; The team whose opponents in the other sub-division had the highest overall, combined winning percentage.
  4. Coin flip

The tie breaker is as follows for determining home field advantage in a League Championship Game: The winning division of the Northwoods League All-Star game.