A plan

We unveiled our 5-game pack three years ago and our fans responded by booking over 2,000 plans making it one of the most popular plans in our league.

However, there was one major problem. The benefits stopped when the season ended. We're changing that.

Which is why we've transformed our 5-game plan into the new 365-game plan.

With this plan, you'll get our most popular ticket package during the summer along with events to create familiy memories the entire year. It's our version of the "gift that keeps on giving."

✸ HOLIDAY BONUS ✸​​​​​​​
Sign up before December 21st and you'll get these to put under your tree this holiday:
Team Jersey (while supplies last)
Ticket to the Ballpark Holiday Fest & Movie Night

With the new 365-Game Plan you get our most popular ticket package during the summer that guarantees 5 nights of authentic entertainment and exclusive events 365 days of the year.

Packages start at $14 per ticket.

Perks year round
We are the first team to even try this.  You'll get invited to events like our Family Fest & Carnival, movie nights on the field and more at no cost.
Family Fest & Carnival
Movie night on the field
Family bowling & arcade night
Best seats. Best games.
You'll get the best seats at the best shows of the year on the most convenient dates. This is the only way to guarantee a spot at Opening Day, the 4th of July & Fan Appreciation Night.
Closest seats
Food & drink table tops
Opening Night, 4th of July,
​​​​​​​Fan Appreciation Night
All-you-can-eat food/drink
Every game you'll receive unlimited food and drink to the 5th inning.
Hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, burgers, sides and more
New featured food items each night
Unlimited soda, water and ice tea
Team jersey & hat
Most teams give away their gifts to the first 500 people willing to show up 3 hours before the game.  Does that make sense? We give our best gifts to our 365-game members. It's the only way to get them.
Most people don't know their summer plans yet. That's ok. You can work your summer around these games or you can switch to games that fit your schedule.
Exchange dates that makes sense for you
Payment plan options available
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Your information is kept 100% private & never shared
Time with your family
Close to home
Authentic Entertainment
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I don't know my schedule this summer?
That's ok, with each plan you reserve the best, most convenient weekend games during the season. If you need to change we have multiple ways to swap games.
Why should I buy now?
This plan has sold out each year with over 2,000 packs last year alone. We sold out half of our games last year and are on pace for more. This is the only way to guarantee your spot.
When do I find out my dates?
Your personal rep will reach out to you to let you know when our schedule is released and allow you to choose you the plan that fits best.
How do I choose my seats?
We automatically place you in the best seats based on first come first serve. The earlier you buy, the closer you get, including aisle seats. If you have a seat preference, your rep will do their best to accommodate.
A few nice words from people who dig us
As a "non-sporty family" I like that it brings us together with fun going on between innings and spending time with us and their grandparents.
​​​​​​- Kimberly Batterson
We're busy people and we like to spend our weekends together. It's a nice respite from all the other things we have going on.
- Brad Conway