The past few years have not been easy on anyone. It’s been especially tough on nonprofits that use their time, energy, and passion to give back to the local community. 


Specifically – food banks – have been hit HARD. 


According to the nonprofit, Feeding America INC., there has been a “tremendous increase of people visiting food banks” since the beginning of COVID-19. In fact, in just the beginning of the pandemic, 4 in 10 visitors to food banks were visiting for the very first time. 


With a jump in numbers of people visiting food banks, we decided to work with one of our partners – Comerica Bank – to make a difference in SW Michigan…


…Comerica Bank and the Growlers are hosting the 2023 Canned Food Drive during the summer season! For each nonperishable food item donated, the team will give free tickets to those that help:


5 cans = 1 ticket

10 cans = 2 tickets

15 cans = 3 tickets

20 cans = additional prizes


Pretty simple – make a positive impact on the local area and receive a free, family-fun experience in the community! Any and all cans can be donated at any Comerica Bank location in SW Michigan, and/or at any Growlers game during the summer. 


Thank you to Comerica Bank for allowing this impactful community program to come to fruition, and thank you in advance to those that donate nonperishable food items.