7-Packs: “It’s Our Family’s Tradition”
The Conway family explains why

“It all started as Christmas gifts,” explains Brad, “we thought they would make great stocking stuffers.” Almost immediately, his wife Kelly chimes in, “Knowing we can go the game, and our kids can just wander and be safe. For us, it’s great because we can kind of just sit and relax, and the kids can go off and do their thing. We had gone to Growlers games in the past, but something changed when we could say we were pack holders.”

The “Conway Clan,” as they refer to themselves, Brad, Kelly, and their children Peyton, Brianna, Bailey, and Collins have been Growlers pack holders since 2015. They continue to renew their plan because it has something for everyone.

For example, 9-year-old Bailey likes the gifts that are included with each pack.  “That is like her trophy of all trophies,” reveals Kelly, referring to the Jennie Finch bobble head that was included in each pack last season. The Growlers brought Jennie out to a game to host a youth clinic, sign autographs, and throw out the first pitch last season. Plus, the family was able to get their free baseball cards autographed by the players.

For 11-year-old Collins, food his favorite part. Pack holders receive all you can eat food for 4 innings at every game. “It’s good food,” he says, “it’s not just random food that you’re going to find, it’s actually good food.” Kelly gives a little more detail, “You have to understand, his #1 thing about the Growlers game is eating the food so he’s already talking about what he’s going to eat and when we’re going to get there.”

Just being at the baseball game and socializing is what other family members like about the games.

Brianna, 14, likes to watch the games, “but it’s more fun to sit and talk with my friends,” she elaborates. Mom and dad agree too, “You can go to a game, and you’ll know somebody. Whether you met them last week or you met them a year ago, you’ll know somebody there, and that’s a part of it being a tradition too, and you make more friends because you all have something in common right away.”

Every family member seems to agree that the exclusive experiences make being a pack holder extra special. Peyton, 12, is a baseball player and enjoyed being able to take batting practice with the team last year. This was an exclusive experience only offered to pack holders. “They even let me keep the bat I used. I still have it upstairs next to my bed.”  In addition, pack holders receive other perks like early access to the ballpark before the general public and guaranteed tickets to the biggest weekend games that would otherwise be sold out.

“Honestly, there’s not a ton to do in Kalamazoo, and a family activity where all our kids can go, and have a good time, and it’s safe, it’s just a great family activity. We have 4 kids and they all have different activities, so we’re scheduled all the time. Kelly’s job requires her to travel quite a bit, so on the weekends, we like to spend time with each other. Coming to a Growlers game is a nice respite from all of that.”

Offering a final bit of advice for anyone becoming a pack holder, Kelly urges, “Get there early, and always bring a ball glove.”

Harding’s Growlers game packs start at $70 for 5 games, or $14 per game. If you came the day of the game, you’d pay $11, and not receive any free food, gifts, or exclusive experiences.

Some of our 2,000 pack holders in action this summer.

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