Hey kids!

Are you 6 – 12 years old and want to be a Logger for a Day this summer where you could go to batting practice, hang out with the team, and then present the starting lineup as the Honorary Game Captain? Write to News 8 and tell us why you want to be Logger for a Day.


If you are chosen you could win:
-A WKBT/Loggers T-shirt
-A Team Signed Certificate
-You’ll get introduced as the Offical Honorary Game Captain & help present the starting lineup
-One ticket for you (the child) and 3 additonal tickets for family members
-You’ll get to stand with the Loggers for the National Anthem
-You’ll get to hang out with the team during batting practice before the game starts










To Apply Mail your entries into:

WKBT-TV News 8
Logger for a Day
141 South 6th Street
La Crosse, WI  54601

or apply online with this link
Apply to be Logger for a Day