2020 Loggers Season Tickets

Half-season tickets are sold in either Package A or Package B. Package A is the odd-numbered games (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.) while Package B is the even-numbered games (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) in our home 36-game schedule.

New for the 2020 season, you have the option to turn any ticket into an All-You-Can-Eat ticket! Add on the AYCE option for one game for $15, or save when adding it on to the full season package!


Benefits for Season Ticket Holders:

– The same reserved seat for each Loggers home game, with priority seating for the NWL Playoffs
– Discounted rate on tickets
– Dicounts/Coupons with your season ticket booklet to be used on Merchandise, WingFest, Collector Cup etc.
– All NWL Pass providing admission to any NWL ballpark
– Discounted rate for UWL Eagle baseball in 2020
– ADD-ON OPTION – GUARANTEED GIVEAWAYS:  For just $50, you will no longer have to stand in line to get your bobbleheads, baseball cards or team pictures!  By purchasing the add-on option (only available to full and half-season ticket holders), you will be guaranteed all Logger giveaways in 2020!  *Excludes non-Loggers sponsor giveaways and cash giveaways*
If you would like a copy of our 2020 Season Ticket Brochure or are looking for more information on tickets, please call 608-796-9553 or e-mail info@lacrosseloggers.com.