Robin Yount   Award Jack  Dunn Northwestern
Kapco Steel Slugger Matthew Mika Central Florida
Pitcher of the Year Austin Havekost Kent State
Most Valuable Player Rylan Thomas Central Florida


Robin Yount Award

Joe Duncan

Owen Miller

Eastern Illinois

Illinois State

Kapco Steel Slugger Matt Reardon Florida Gulf Coast

Pitcher of the Year

Most Valuable Player

Marshall Kasowski West Texas A & M


Robin Yount Award  Doug Kraeger  Richmond Kraeger.p792669
Kapco Steel Slugger  Anthony Massicci  Canisius Massici.p792671
Pitcher of the Year  Lake Bachar  UW-Whitewater Bachar.p800955
Most Valuable Player  Lucas Raley  Lake Erie College Lucas Raley



Robin Yount Award  Ryan Krill  Michigan State Krill.p638156
Kapco Steel Slugger  Jake Noll  Florida Gulf Coast  Noll.p638157
Pitcher of the Year

 Shaun Anderson

 Jake Tuttle



Most Valuable Player  Brett Siddall  Canisius Brett Siddall



Robin Yount Award  Sawyer Polen  Kent State Polen.p467067
Kapco Steel Slugger  Andrew Stevenson  LSU Stevenson.p467077
Pitcher of the Year  Tyler Thicke  UW-Milwaukee Thicke.p467557
Most Valuable Player  Mike Hollenbeck  Illinois State Mike Hollenbeck



Robin Yount Award  Charlie Markson  Notre Dame Markson.p309277
Kapco Steel Slugger  Eric Aguilera  Illinois State Aguilera.p309261
Pitcher of the Year  Joe Greenfield  Eastern Illinois Greenfield.p309292
Most Valuable Player  Forrest Chadwick  Southern Maine Forrest Chadwick