Madison Mallards All-Time Alumni Roster Playing Professional Baseball


Name                    Position     Year(s) w/ Mallards        Current Affliate/League                    
Arobio, Vince RHP 2015 Boston Red Sox (Rookie)
Barker, Brandon RHP 2012 Baltimore Orioles (AA)
Bogucki, AJ RHP 2014-15 Washington Nationals (Low-A)
Bower, Matt LHP 2015 Houston Astros (A)
Bueno, Hever RHP 2015 Texas Rangers (Rookie)
Burawa, Dan RHP 2009 Atlanta Braves (AA)
Cherry, Taylore RHP 2013 Chicago White Sox (High-A)
Crawford, Jonathon RHP 2011 Cincinnati Reds (High-A)
Duchene, Kevin LHP 2013 Oakland Athletics (Rookie)
Frohwirth, Tyler RHP 2015 Philadelphia Phillies (A)
Gibson, Daniel LHP 2012 Arizona Diamondbacks (AA)
Gonsolin, Anthony RHP 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers (High-A)
Graham, J.R. RHP 2009-10 New York Yankees (AAA)
Hibbing, Nick RHP 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates (Low-A)
Hovis, Reilly RHP 2013 Miami Marlins (Low-A)
Howard, Nick RHP 2012 Cincinatti Reds (High-A)
Kaelin, Mike RHP 2015 Los Angeles Angels (A)
Lamarche, Will RHP 2012 Detroit Tigers (A)
Lamb, Chris LHP 2011 Oakland Athletics (High-A)
McDonnel, Rob RHP 2014 Los Angeles Dodgers (Rookie)
Milroy, Matt RHP 2011 Texas Rangers (High-A)
Moss, Scott LHP 2015 Cincinnati Reds (A)
Portland, Matt LHP 2014 Kansas City Royals (Rookie)
Poyner, Bobby LHP 2012 Boston Red Sox (High-A)
Sharp, Sterling RHP 2015 Washington Nationals (A)
Snead, Kirby LHP 2014 Toronto Blue Jays (A)
Stewart, Brock RHP 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)
Topa, Justin RHP 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates (High-A)
White, Brandon RHP 2015 Atlanta Braves (Rookie)
Windle, Tom LHP 2011 Philadelphia Phillies (High-A)

Position Players

Name                    Position     Year(s) w/ Mallards        Affliate/League                    
Alonso, Peter INF 2014 New York Mets (High-A)
Bruno, Stephen INF 2010 Chicago Cubs (AAA)
Fisher, Derek OF 2012 Houston Astros (AAA)
Fitzgerald, Mike C 2013 San Diego Padres (High-A)
Forgione, Erik INF 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates (Low-A)
Gaedele, Kyle OF 2010 San Diego Padres (AA)
Gerber, Michael INF 2012 Detroit Tigers (AA)
Goldstein, Jason C 2013, 2015 Oakland Athletics (A)
Gosselin, Phil INF 2008 Pittsburgh Pirates (AAA)
Gould, Jordan INF 2015 Miami Marlins (High-A)
Gushue, Taylor C 2012 Washington Nationals (High-A)
Hicks, John C 2009 Detroit Tigers (AAA)
Juengel, Matt INF 2011 Miami Marlins (AAA)
Koenig, Sam OF 2012 Los Angeles Angels (Rookie)
La Prise, John INF 2013 Toronto Blue Jays (A)
Lopez, Rafael C 2010  Toronto Blue Jays (AAA)
Marincov, Tyler OF 2012 Oakland Athletics (AA)
Marabell, Connor OF 2014 Cleveland Indians (High-A)
Matheny, Tate OF 2013 Boston Red Sox (A)
McCarthy, Joe OF 2013 Tampa Bay Rays (AA)
Pagnozzi, Matt C 2002 Arizona Diamondbacks (AAA)
Ramirez, Jean C 2015 Tampa Bay Rays (Rookie)
Riggins, Harold INF 2009-10 Miami Marlins (High-A)
Tenerowicz, Robbie INF 2014 Tampa Bay Rays (A)
Thaiss, Matt INF 2014 Los Angeles Angels (A)
Theroux, Collin C 2015 Oakland Athletics (A)
Trevino, Jose INF 2012 Texas Rangers (AA)
Weeks, Drew OF 2013 Colorado Rockies (AA)

Last updated on 5/24/2017