Bike Blind 2015

Back for a sixth year in 2015 is the Bike Blind – which offers valet style bike parking in a secured area right by the main entrance.  Get your tires filled up & your bike washed during the game by Mallards Staff!

The Wisconsin DOT wants you to ride your Bike to the Ballpark in 2015!

Click here to download a city of Madison Bike Map so you can find the safest & quickest way to bike to the Ballpark this summer!

Bike Blind Instructions:
1.  All bikers must provide their own bike lock.
2.  Bike washing & tire filling are available during every Mallards game for FREE.
3.  To receive service take one of the bike tag cards in the mailbox & write on it which of the services you would like.
4.  Wrap that tag around your handle-bars & enjoy the game.
5.  Staff will only fill tires to the recommended PSI indicated on the tires of your bike.
6.  Count on a minimum of two hours for staff to complete these services.



Bike Racks courtesy of:
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