What are the Madison Mallards office hours?

Our office hours are:
Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Sunday: CLOSED

What happens in the event of a rainout?

In the event of bad weather, the best place to find out if the game has been cancelled or postponed is our website at www.mallardsbaseball.com or the Mallards social media sites. If we need to cancel a game, we’ll immediately put a story on the website describing any details of when the game will be rescheduled and how to redeem your tickets. We will also update the office voicemail message to explain the weather and its effects on the game.

Mallards Rainout Policy 2019: NO REFUNDS ARE ALLOWED

  • If a game is rained out prior to the conclusion of the 5th inning, all tickets for reserved seats can be redeemed at the Mallards Ticket Office for any other game remaining in the 2019 regular season.
  • If a game is rained out prior to the gates opening, all tickets can be redeemed at the Mallards Ticket Office for any game remaining in the 2019 regular season, based on availability.
  • If the rainout occurs three (3) hours after the gates have opened, regardless of how much of the game has been played, all Duck Blind tickets, Suite tickets and Tailgate Area tickets will be considered used in full and can only be redeemed for a reserved seat for another game during the 2019 regular season, based on availability.
  • If the rainout occurs less than three (3) hours after the gates open, all Duck Blind tickets will valued as a half price Duck Blind coupon and can be redeemed for any other game remaining in the 2019 regular season, based on availability.
  • If the game is shortened due to rain but has been played beyond the required five (5) innings to make it a complete game, all tickets will be considered used and will have no value at the Mallards Ticket Office.
  • If the game is shortened due to rain, the Mallards staff will attempt to contact all Suite and Rooftop parties prior to them leaving the park that night.

How do I order tickets?

Click Here for single game tickets.  If you are interested in group packages please call the Mallards office at 608-246-4277 or email info@mallardsbaseball.com.

What types of Seating is available at the “Duck Pond”?

The Madison Mallards offer several seating and group options at the ballpark. Whether it’s a company outing of 2,000 people or a family of four we have the perfect seat options for you. For larger groups of 20 or more, contact the Mallards Ticket Office at (608) 246-4277 or info@mallardsbaseball.com.Mallards single game tickets will go on sale at a date to be announced later.

When can I pick up my Will Call tickets?

Tickets left at will call for any event during the summer can be picked up anytime during the standard Mallards Ticket Office hours. For large orders, please call ahead and we’ll have your tickets pre-printed for you when you arrive.

Do kids need a ticket?

Children 5 and younger are free IF THEY DO NOT REQUIRE THEIR OWN SEAT.

What time can I get into the stadium?

The gates open up 60 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.

What are the Parking Rules and Regulations?

The main parking lot at Warner Park is open all day long prior to a game. There is no fee to park in the lot and tailgating is allowed. Glass bottles are not allowed and the City of Madison and the Madison Mallards ask you to please leave the parking lot looking as clean as when you arrived. Trash cans are located throughout the lot and there are several receptacles specifically for hot coals from the BBQ.

How do I redeem a Mallards voucher?

Ticket vouchers for a Mallards game must be redeemed at the Mallards Ticket Office at least TWO weeks in advance. It is NOT an actual ticket and can be redeemed for the game of your choice, based on availability. 

What can be brought into the stadium?

No food or beverages can be brought into the ballpark. The exception will be made for one factory sealed bottle of water per person. Other items NOT allowed in the ballpark are:

  • Coolers
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Large Radios
  • Bikes
  • Roller skates
  • Rollerblades
  • Skateboards
  • Bats and Balls (including soccer balls, footballs, basketballs etc…)

Fans can bring blankets, umbrellas and seat cushions.

Do the Mallards have a Lost and Found?

Lost and Found is available during games at the Fan Services booth. Fan Services is located in the Diamond Center Courtyard inside the stadium behind home plate. If you have any questions or need immediate help, call the Mallards Front Office at (608) 246-4277.

How can I pay for the night at the ballpark?

At the ticket window, the Madison Mallards accept cash, credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover) or check. Inside the ballpark, credit cards are accepted at the souvenir stand and select concession stands within the park. For all other purchases, cash is required and there is an ATM inside the ballpark in the Sports Impressions-Just a Game Team Green Store.

How do I get announcements read during games?

Personal announcements for birthdays, anniversaries etc. will be announced every night during the 7th inning. Visit the Fan Services Booth located in the main courtyard during the game and put your announcement down on the list before the 5th inning and make sure to watch the Zimbrick Honda video board during the 7th inning.

What level of baseball are the Madison Mallards?

The Madison Mallards are one of twenty members of the Northwoods League. The Northwoods League is a summer collegiate league which provides a place for the best college players in the country to spend their summers and display their talents to professional scouts. Every player in the league must be enrolled in college and have at least one year of athletic eligibility to participate in the league and due to NCAA regulations the players cannot get paid while playing in the Northwoods League. The league is designed to give college players the minor league experience. They play 72 games, playing with wood bats and traveling around the Midwest on charter buses.

Can you upgrade a field box seat ticket to gain admission into the Great Dane Duck Blind?

No, unfortunately we do not allow any upgrades.

What can I sit on in the Group Health Cooperative Backyard?

You can bring blankets into the Group Health Cooperative Backyard but chairs are NOT allowed.  The Mallards offer picnic tables in the area that are available on a first-come first-serve basis.


Contact the Mallards Ticket Office at 608-246-4277 or info@mallardsbaseball.com.


2017 RACAP

Madison Mallards Responsible Alcohol Consumption Action Plan for 2019

The Mallards will continue to execute the following Responsible Alcohol Consumption Action Plan going into 2019.  This plan has been in place since 2008 and is the result of Mallards staff working with Madison Parks, the Madison Police Department and receiving input from various other sources.  This document is adjusted annually and, as a term of the Mallards lease with the city of Madison, needs to be presented to the Madison Parks Commission annually for their approval.

For several years the Mallards have posted in highly visible locations the following “Great Dane Duck Blind” rules:

General stadium alcohol related policies and practices:

  1. Stringent ID checking program by Mallards staff including incentives for finding false ID’s.
  2. Mandatory pre-season training for all beer pourers by the City of Madison Police Department, Mallards Management staff, and external experts.
  3. Licensed bar tender on staff at each beer pouring location in the stadium.
  4. No more than 2 beers per person, per trip at any beer stand in the stadium.
  5. Secret shoppers looking for problems with ID checking, and whether or not Mallards beer servers are serving more beers per trip than limited.
  6. All beer pourers wear “WE ID” pins.
  7. Good Sport program where all designated drivers receive free soda for the night and get registered to win an authentic Mallards uniform.
  8. Taxi Cab phone number on all wristbands (needed to attend the Duck Blind).
  9. Taxi Cab phone number on all stadium beer cups used in stadium.
  10. Everyone that appears under 30 will be required to show identification and they will receive a wristband if they want to purchase beer.
  11. All attendees in the Great Dane Duck Blind area will have their ID checked upon entrance into the area and receive a wristband that will indicate whether or not they are 21.
  12. Incentive program for beer vendors to look for people that appear under 30 and are drinking beer in the stands.
  13. Have state ID books on hand for all people checking ID’s.
  14. The Mallards will utilize our new video board to promote several safe consumption messages and programs.
  15. In 2010 the Mallards started running :30 anti-drunk driving messages provided by the WI DOT after the 7th inning to discourage drinking and driving.
  16. No under-age person will ever be allowed to drink in the stadium, even if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.  State law does allow under-age persons, accompanied by parents or guardians, to drink under their supervision, but the law also allows license holders to make a policy decision not to serve those individuals and the Mallards will not serve these individuals under any circumstance.
  17. For the safety of fans, the Mallards organization reserves the right to refuse alcohol to anyone it determines has had too much to drink.
  18. The Mallards organization also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is found to be in violation of these rules at any time during the baseball season.
  19. The Mallards will work with the Madison Police Department to staff each event with off-duty officers to provide additional security.

Great Dane Duck Blind policies and practices

The following conduct rules are posted prominently at the entrance to the Great Dane Duck Blind:

Great Dane Duck Blind Conduct Rules

–     Do NOT use inappropriate language

  • Do NOT disrupt other fans
  • Do NOT throw any objects/items
  • Always obey instructions of Mallards staff and security personnel
  • NO drinking games or card games
  • Be able to safely control your behavior and physical movement at all times
  • NO smoking or vaping
  • Public safety is a primary objective
  • NO minor consumption, even if accompanied by parents/guardians
  • NO standing on picnic tables or any seating in the Duck Blind

Offenses punishable by ARREST as determined by local law enforcement authorities:

  • Underage Drinking
  • False identification – attempting to use fake ID’s
  • Disorderly Conduct or unsafe conduct in the Great Dane Duck Blind Area
  • Entering the field of play at any time without the express invitation/permission by Madison Mallards Senior Management

The Mallards establishment does NOT at any time or for any reason allow parents (or legal guardians) or any other person to supply, provide or permit consumption of alcoholic beverages to any person under the age of 21, at any time or for any reason.

  1. These rules are prominently posted at the entrance to the Great Dane Duck Blind and are placed on email confirmations of all Great Dane Duck Blind tickets purchased online.

Over the last several years the Mallards made several changes to the Great Dane Duck Blind all you can eat and drink area (“Area”) these have become part of our plan and will be part of it for the foreseeable future.

  1. The Mallards voluntarily agree to: 
    1. End beer distribution as part of the all-you-can-drink Great Dane Duck Blind Area at the end of the 8th inning nightly. Two and a half hours after the scheduled game time the Mallards have the option of ending beer distribution in the Great Dane Duck Blind.
    2. Provide/hire off-duty City of Madison Police officers for every Mallards home game. 
      1. The # of officers will be reviewed monthly by the North District Police Captain and the Mallards will always employ the number of off duty officers recommended by the Captain.
  2. All Duck Blind attendees that appear under 30 will have their ID scanned to gain admission to the area, and all fans entering the Duck Blind will have their ID checked visually at a minimum.
  3. The Mallards will post the entire Responsible Alcohol Consumption Action Plan on Mallardsbaseball.com.
  4. Prices are $41 for every Friday thru Saturday home game for an all-inclusive food and drink admission to the Great Dane Duck Blind.  The Great Dane Duck Blind is subject to the natural “supply and demand” logic.  This will temper attendance, and when people are paying a higher price for a privilege they tend to treat the privilege with more respect.
  5. The Mallards will issue each attendee of the Great Dane Duck Blind one cup as they enter the area.  This will be the only cup that they will be able to use to procure beer in the area for that night.  This limits the amount of beers a person can receive each time thru the line to one and will make it easier to cut people off for Mallards staff as the cup will be taken from anyone that is cut off and others will not be able to bring additional beverages to those people.  This will also help deter any under-age person’s consumption in the area.
  6. Anyone who provides alcohol to an under-age person shall be ejected from the stadium, and may be subject to prosecution by local law enforcement authorities.
  7. In working with the Madison Police Department the Mallards propose having a minimum of three off-duty officers permanently stationed in the Great Dane Duck Blind for every Thursday through Saturday game.
  8. The number of private/corporate parties attending the Great Dane Duck Blind each year has continued to increase dramatically and the Mallards will be reserving larger pieces of the deck for these private parties.  Private parties are typically better behaved because they are out as part of a work outing.
  9. In 2017, the Great Dane Duck Blind underwent a large renovation, improving seating, sightlines, and focused on a better fan experience. Mallards management met with Madison public safety officers to discuss any modifications required to the plan and made appropriate modifications based on these renovations.