As a member of the Mankato MoonDogs Diamond Lounge/Dugout Club your table has the opportunity to enjoy the featured specialty sandwich from Muttnik’s Sandwich Shop for each home game if you choose.

For our next home game (insert Date), the featured specialty sandwich of the night is (insert the special).

If you, and your guests, would like to enjoy the specialty sandwich of the night please select the number of sandwiches below, fill in your Company/Table Holder name and simply select submit and your personal waitress will deliver these specialty sandwiches to your table after you arrive at ISG Field.  (Please note that this order form below must be filled out by 10:00 am of the day of the game for your table members to receive the specialty sandwich of the night.  If we do not receive an order by that time, the specialty sandwich will not be available to your table however the regular menu will still be available to order off of once you arrive).

Dugout Club Specialty Sandwich Order Form

# of Specialty Sandwiches For My Table