Have interest in all of the amenities and exclusivity that the Home Run Realty Loft provides, but can’t round up a group of 75?  Well we have the answer for you.  Our new and improved River Valley Hearing Home Plate Club offers everything that the Loft has, but is designed for a smaller group of around 35.

Now located down the first base line, your group will have an exclusive space and an up-front view of all of the MoonDog action that night.  New bar rails and high top tables provide a perfect networking and fun-filled venue for your group.  Additionally, your group will be centrally located, with easy access to newly built restrooms and concessions.

Much like the Loft, the Home Plate Club comes with the following amenities:

  • Brand new, and exclusive hospitality space for your company or group
  • All-you-can-eat ballpark food (including Hot Dog/Brats, Burgers, Pulled Pork/Chicken, and a variety of sides.  *You can add additional food options including dessert, fruit, etc. for an individualized up-charge.
  • First pick for on-field promotions for your group members
  • Muttnik visits for photograph opportunties

For further details and information, please check out the flyer below (Coming soon)*.  To speak with a MoonDogs representative or to book your night on the Home Plate Club (fills up quickly), please call (507) 625-7047.