Make a change by donating your change.
Add this limited-edition Larks baseball to your collection.

Larks fans, BNC National Bank and the Larks need your help. In 2021, we made it our goal to help make a change in our community by donating our loose change to the Bis-Man Mentor Squad.

As a token of our appreciation — when fans donated change — they got an exclusive Clark and Merifeather baseball for FREE! It’s the perfect piece of Larks memorabilia for fans of all ages.

Here’s the catch — the baseball is only available at BNC National Bank branches AND during Sunday games at the ballpark!

How did I get the exclusive Larks baseball?

  1. Donate your spare change at any Sunday game during the 2021 season (dates listed below)
  2. The first 100 fans to donate will receive a custom Larks baseball for FREE!

Only 100 were available each night. Baseballs were available on July 4, July 18, July 25 & August 8.

Here’s how you are making a difference.
All it takes is a penny, a dime, a nickel or even a quarter.

All change collected at BNC National Bank will go towards volunteer and mentor training at the Bis-Man Mentor Squad.

What is the Bis-Man Mentor Squad?
The Bis-Man Mentor Squad is a non-profit seeking to better the lives of youth facing adversity. Their program is comparable to the commonly known Big Brothers, Big Sisters program.

Youth, ages 4 -16, are paired with an adult mentor. This mentor spends a select amount of time each month bonding, developing and cultivating a strong, healthy relationship with the child. 

Mentors have the option to mentor their match one-on-one in the community or in a school setting: 

  • Community-Based Mentoring. Mentors meet with their match one-on-one in the community when it works best for both individuals. Mentors are asked to make a one-year commitment to a child and spend a minimum of four hours a month together.
  • School-Based Mentoring. Mentors meet with a small group of students at a local school for one hour per week. Mentors get to choose a time and day that best fits their schedule between 3:15-5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. School-based mentors often help with math and reading, play board games and do arts and craft projects. Mentors are asked to make a commitment to mentoring one hour/one day a week through the school year.

True Stories.
Since the founding of Bis-Man Mentor Squad in 2018, hundreds of children AND mentors have been impacted. 

Meet Nash and Kevin.
Nash and Kevin matched three years ago. Since then they have learned so much about one another. In fact, they have even learned a few new skills. Nash has taught Kevin how to throw a ball and play soccer, and Kevin has taught Nash new video game skills.

Together, they have enjoyed Bobcat hockey games, the Nutcracker and even some Larks games too!

Kevin says it doesn’t matter what they do, he just feels good about himself when he and Nash spend time together.


Meet Erica and Kaeli.
Mentor, Erica describes her experience with Bis-Man Mentor Squad as rewarding and impactful. She says the entire experience has not only helped Kaeli grow, but herself as well.

“I’ve experienced so many parts of this community that I may not have ventured to if it weren’t for Kaeli. She helps push me out of my comfort zone, whether it’s trying a new restaurant or reminding myself that it’s okay to get a little messy sometimes. To top it off, she’s a great example of how a positive attitude can make even the most difficult situations a little bit better.”.

How do I become a mentor?
Bis-Man Mentor Squad currently has 50+ mentors who dedicate their time to the betterment of today’s youth, but they are always seeking enthusiastic and passionate individuals to join their team. To learn more visit :

“I’ve worked with Mentor Squad for 20 years now because I wanted to help people and it’s been cool to see the kids grow. I want people to know that we are changing lives.” -Deanna Larson, Program Director

BNC National Bank and the Larks are proud to partner with Bis-Man Mentor Squad for this program.