Hassle-Free Auto-Renewal featuring a FREE Hot Tots Blanket

As a member of the Hot Tots Hassle-Free Auto-Renewal plan, the Hot Tots will automatically reserve your same seats and plan for the 2024 season before selling to the general public. By signing up for auto-renewal, a 25% non-refundable deposit of the total ticket package will be processed for the 2024 season on August 5, 2022. All fans that sign up for auto-renewal will be subject to the same 2023 pricing for 2024 ($125 per 5-Game Membership). The (3) remaining payments will be 25% each and will automatically process on September 5, October 5, and November 5. All Hot Tots ticket sales are final and non-refundable. As part of renewing for the 2024 season, each Hot Dish Member will receive a FREE renewal gift at the end of the season. This year the renewal gift is an exclusive Inaugural Season Blanket.

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