People in the community voted for their favorite name. While the votes are tallied, our team is getting materials ready for the final name announcement on October 20th at Corbett Field. Stay tuned for more information on this event on Facebook, e-newsletter, and more!

  1. Minot Dakrats – Dakrats is a term the Minot Air Force Base residents and more have coined for prairie dogs and gophers in the Minot area. Imagine a giant prairie dog mascot calling the ballpark his home!
  2. Minot Hot Tots – Tater tot hot dish is one of the most popular dishes in North Dakota. This name is a unique and fun play on a very North Dakota dish. Can you imagine a flaming tater tot as your team logo? Maybe it even has cheese for hair! We can already hear fans cheering “The Tots are HOT” after a big win.
  3. Minot Why Nots – Why bring a team to Minot? Why Not?! Why Not Minot is a common phrase across all of North Dakota. This name would not only tie into this popular phrase, but it would also pay tribute to the team that started the foundation for baseball history in Minot, the Minot Why Nots. The Minot Why Nots played for one short year at Corbett Field in 1917. What would the mascot be? The opportunities are endless. It could be a train conductor calling people to come to Minot or something tying in the strong fishing ties in the community. Why not right?
  4. Minot Berserks (Berserkers) – Everyone in Minot knows that Norse and Scandinavian heritage runs deep. In the old Norse written corpus, berserkers were those who were said to have fought in a trance-like fury. These warriors often fought without armor wearing only animal skins. This name choice settles on the more fierce side of team names. Are you ready to go Berserk for the Berserkers?
  5. Minot Night Owls – Minot has a long history of the railroad, and the story goes that the town sprung up “over night” while railroad workers constructed the trestle across the Gassman Coulee. Night Owls is a railroad term for a passenger train that operates late in the evening. With our baseball games happening almost exclusively in the evening the ties can’t get much better. The logo and mascot would be a sweet night owl with elements of the railroad interworked!

For voting, fans will be entered into the drawing for one of 50 Minot baseball inaugural caps or one of 25 inaugural season t-shirts. To add an additional entry for prizes fans can:

  1. Reserve a 5-Game Ticket Package on our website 
  2. LIKE Minot Baseball on Facebook and tag us in a post about your favorite name
  3. Follow Minot Baseball on Twitter @MinotNDBaseball and tweet your favorite team name using #MinotNWLBaseball.

Winners of the contest will be announced in October AFTER the Final Five name vote. Place your vote by submitting the form below. 


You could win one of the following sweet prizes just for voting.


Our grand prize winner will win (2) SEASON TICKETS FOR LIFE along with an authentic new jersey, official game hat and the honor of throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day!


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Anyone who submits a name or casts a vote will qualify for the following prizes:

  • 50 winners will receive a Minot baseball inaugural season cap
  • 25 winners will receive a Minot baseball inaugural season t-shirt


  • Top Names Announced: September 12
  • Top Names Voting Contest: September 12 – September 23
  • Team Name Announced: October 20th


  • If the winning name is submitted by more than one person, all persons will be eligible for prizes; however, the earliest submission will be selected as the Final Five and grand prize winner.
  • All other winners will be randomly selected in a separate drawing held at the Minot Baseball offices.
  • One entry per email address.
  • All information must be accurate in order to qualify.
  • Minot Baseball management reserves the right to market, develop and use in commerce, any name submitted by a contestant.


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