Scheels Shared 7 Game Pack Priority List

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While we’ve made the Scheels 7 Game Package the best entertainment value in town, each year we try to improve what’s best for our fans. In conversations with them, they often tell us they really enjoyed the games and pack amenities, but 7 games were just too many for their busy summer schedule. We understand. 7 games in 12 weeks can be a lot.

So, our team has decided to make a BIG change.

You can now SHARE a Scheels 7 Game Pack. That’s right. You can get all the benefits of the full Scheels 7 Game Pack, with the correct number of games for you. Here is the breakdown:

The Shared Scheels 7 Package will officially go on sale in late March. Since you’re reaching out early, we want to offer you the first chance to pick our best seats available! By joining the Priority List below, you are ensured first rights a full week before we release them to the public! There is no cost to join, no risk, and no commitment! It’s just our way of saying thank you for thinking about us so far in advance. Join below.