2020 Daily Program

Enjoy tonight’s game program, Take a Gander! Complete with game notes, the Honkers’ roster and starting pitcher information, Take a Gander is your one-stop shop for all things Rochester Honkers for tonight’s game!

8:19HonkersNotes vs. St. Cloud Rox

8:18HonkersNotes vs. St. Cloud Rox

8:17HonkersNotes @ Waterloo Bucks

8:14HonkersNotes vs. Waterloo Bucks

8:13HonkersNotes vs. Waterloo Bucks

8:12HonkersNotes @ Waterloo Bucks

8:9HonkersNotes @ Mankato MoonDogs

8:8HonkersNotes vs. Mankato Moondogs

8:6HonkersNotes vs. St. Cloud Rox

8:5HonkersNotes@ Waterloo Bucks

8:4HonkersNotes vs. Waterloo Bucks

8:3HonkersNotes vs. Willmar Stingers

8:2HonkersNotes vs. Willmar Stingers

7:30HonkersNotes @ St. Cloud Rox

7:29HonkersNotes @ St. Cloud Rox

7:28HonkersNotes vs. Waterloo Bucks

7:27HonkersNotes @ Waterloo Bucks

7:26HonkersNotes @ Mankato MoonDogs

7:25HonkersNotes vs. Mankato MoonDogs

7:24HonkersNotes @ Mankato MoonDogs

7:23HonkersNotes @ Waterloo Bucks

7:19HonkersNotes @ St. Cloud Rox

7:18HonkersNotes @ St. Cloud Rox

7:17HonkersNotes vs. Mankato MoonDogs

7:16HonkersNotes vs. Mankato MoonDogs