The Small Business Guaranteed Attention Promotion

Let Me Show You Why This Promotion Can Generate Thousands of Dollars For Your Small Business

We know attention is the critical factor for all small businesses and we came up with a solution to guarantee you get people walking through your doors. 

Listen, we get it. An outfield wall sign might not be the best option for your business. While it gives you great exposure, only larger, big branded companies get the most benefit from it. You need foot traffic!

And what better way to do that then by getting 2,000 actionable offers into people's hands while collecting hundreds of names and emails in the process?

You're right, the only better way to that is by building your store inside Port Arthur Stadium.

In a moment I'm going to detail how this promotion will benefit you and drive thousands of fresh dollars into your business. But first, let's be honest here…

Simply bringing awareness to your brand is a dying strategy. Especially when you're competing against the giants. 

Paying thousands of dollars on commercials or billboard ads might feel productive, but it may not be the right fit for you. You have no real way of collecting data on people coming into your store because of the ad and you simply can't measure how effective it was. 

Let me ask you a question: how many commercials do you watch that aren't Super Bowl commercials? Maybe a few of the one's that go viral? But, then again, when are you watching the videos that go viral? Answer: on your own time! 

Sure, you can create a viral commercial but it's extremely risky for the amount you'll have to invest in one. 

Yes, social media has changed the landscape of advertising, but just posting about deals doesn't cause people to drive a few extra blocks to get to your store. And, with social media quickly turning into a busy sea of "calls to action" it's rare that most people will ever do anything other than 'like' your post. 

So, What's The Answer?

You not only need foot traffic, you also need a way to track results. What better way to do that then by giving out a unique gift or coupon to 2,000 people? If Border Cats fans are the only people able to take advantage of your offer it will mean that much more to them. 

We will give you the ability to give whatever gift or coupon you'd like to our fans Opening Night. 

What you get with The Small Business Guaranteed Attention Promotion: 

1) The Opportunity to Place Promotional Items Inside Giveaway Bags to ALL Season Ticket Holders and Fans at Port Arthur Stadium Opening Night $250 value – THE PARTY DECK IS ALREADY SOLD OUT FOR OPENING NIGHT!

2) One (1) Exhibit Space Inside Port Arthur Stadium to Promote Your Business Opening Night (2,000 Projected Fans) $500 value – You can hang your companies sign, hold a free raffle, have a display showing what your business does, have free samples, or ALL of it. The point is to get people interested in what you have to offer. 

I used to be a small business owner and I always had to say no to sports teams asking for sponsorships because name recognition wasn't going to keep me afloat. I learned that very early after tossing thousands of hard earned dollars at stationary advertisement. So, we decided to come up with an idea that would have been a no-brainer YES, that would have skyrocketed business. 

Here's the exact way this would have helped my old fitness company and how I would have done this promotion on Opening Night:

First, I would have made sure I was getting massive attention by offering something people had to notice. Every person in the stadium that night would get a 50% off coupon for their first month of training in one of my programs. So, I would have only had to get 5-6 people to use their coupon to already make my money back. Lifetime value of those 5-6 would blow it out of the water and this deal would be insanely good for me. Plus, because of the fitness product raffle I would do Opening Night I would get hundreds of names and email addresses. Within a week of Opening Night, I would email all of them saying thanks for stopping by the table and because they entered the raffle I want to toss in this extra benefit for them if they act by June 15th (for example). Even just converting one person would make it worthwhile. 

So, with this promotion I would have given thousands of people my unforgettable offer, gained hundreds of names for my email newsletter (you should have one, if you don't!), and would have only had to convert less than 1% to make the promotion amazingly beneficial for my business. 

Hurry, We Just Launched This Promotion and Only Have 10 6 Spaces Remaining for Opening Night!

But, here's the thing: 

We are trying to do everything in our power to make this win-win-win (you – the fan – the Cats). That's truly the only way this is going to work. To show our commitment to this promotion we have added a few more benefits for you when you invest in The Small Business Guaranteed Attention Promotion. 

1) One (1) 2017 10-pack (Last year's most popular ticket package option) $85 Value

Come to future games yourself, bring customers, or use them as future giveaways in your store. You can use this 10-pack anyway you'd like. 

2) Two (2) :15 second PA Announcements during Opening Night! $100 Value

Promote anything about your business or simply tell all the fans what you're raffling off that night. Or BOTH…you do get TWO (2) announcements 🙂

3) Forty (40) General Admission tickets to Opening Night 2017 (Saturday, June 3 at 6:05pm) $400 Value

Give to family, employees, or customers. Again, the option is yours. It's going to be an incredible night of entertainment and we are making sure it's a night people won't want to miss. Plus, if you're needing more tickets we have special prices for you starting at a minimum of 20 extra tickets. 

4) Social Media Promotion $250 value

You'll be part of our social media promotion as we start gearing up for Opening Night. With well over 2,000 Facebook followers, 1,500 Twitter followers and 700 Instagram followers, your company's name will be seen multiple times on our social media as we push towards the biggest Opening Night in Border Cats 15 year history!

This is a $1585 value package for

ONLY $400 (plus HST)!

This is a ONE NIGHT ONLY opportunity! This promotion is not available for any other game this season. 

People in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario are going to realize FAST that this will not be a season to miss and this is your chance as a small business to get noticed and get customers easily and affordably. 

Fill this form out now to reserve your spot and we will contact you immediately. 

Small Business Guaranteed Attention Promotion

  • This promotion is first come, first serve. Completing payment is the only way to lock in your exhibit space for Opening Night! we will contact you once the form is completed to answer any questions or take payment. Make cheque payments out to: Thunder Bay Border Cats Mail to: PO BOX 10667 Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6V1 The cost of this promotion INCLUDING HST is $452


This is first-come, first-serve and once all the exhibit spaces have been claimed there will be no more added. 

If you have any questions you can email me at and I will get back to you asap. 

2017 will be the year of the Border Cats here in Thunder Bay and we'd love for you to be a part of it. 


Dan Grant

General Manager, Thunder Bay Border Cats