From the Northwoods League’s inception in 1994, generous families and individuals have warmly offered their homes and provided welcoming food and lodging for student-athletes traveling from the far and wide. This has created an immediate “booster club” and a dedicated fan base within each Northwoods League community. The Host Family Program has been so popular that “waiting lists” of interested host families exist in some of the League’s member cities.


The Pit Spitters are looking for generous, qualified families and individuals to get involved and serve as host families for our student-athletes in 2021.


Numerous lifetime relationships have been forged between NWL players and their Host Families over the years and we expect more to develop in each future season. Graduations, weddings and holidays have all been shared by host family members and NWL players. Children of host families have been fortunate enough to receive baseball tutelage and view NWL players as role models not available to most youth. Becoming a host family is a commitment, but it’s also one of the best opportunities and experiences we can offer for both our student-athletes and community members!

Host families also enjoy the following perks at the ballpark:

1 Free season ticket for each member of the family that lives in the house
Free parking at the ballpark
25% Merchandise discount at the Pit Shop
Free access to the Northwoods League TV stream
Host Family Appreciation Night at end the of the season



“Being a Host Family this year was such a great decision for us. When we chose to open our home to the Pit Spitters players, we had no idea how much we would get in return. Not just watching them play baseball, but also getting to know them as young men. We also made lots of new friends this summer when we met the player’s moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings and lots of other extended family members. We are very excited about what the future will bring for Traverse City Pit Spitters baseball and can’t wait to host players again in the years to come! Whether you’re empty nesters, a family with little ones or anywhere in between, choosing to be a host family with the Traverse City Pit Spitters will be a truly awesome experience!”

-Colette & Tod Decker

“We were so blessed to be a Pit Spitters Host Family this season.  Having a player in our home was an excellent experience for our entire family, from watching our player grow through the season, getting to know him as an individual and seeing him become a role model for my kids – the entire experience was truly a gift!  In addition, the appreciation we felt from the Pit Spitters organization was truly top notch and we can’t wait to be a part of the Pit Spitters family again next year!”

-Scott and Kim Burch

“As a former Beach Bum Host Mom, this summer housing Pit Spitters, was as much fun and exciting as the previous years.  We happily Housed a couple of great, courteous, friendly and fun to have around Pit Spitters and we added them and their families to our growing family of “Summer Sons”.

 The staff was extremely helpful;  answering questions and willing to meet any needs we had as the summer progressed.  It was an enjoyable summer and we are looking forward to next year.”

-Dennis & Jan Curtice

We have been a host family for several years.  We were curious as to what the new team and younger players would bring this season.  The young men that we had the pleasure of hosting, as in the past, were friendly and very respectful of our family and home.  The players were very dedicated to their sport; working out every day and maintaining regular schedules (if you consider sleeping until 11:00 am regular) during an exhausting summer season (they only had a few days off this summer!)  When asked to help out around the house or attend a family function they were eager to join in.  We have two teenaged sons and they interacted appropriately and set good examples of what hard work and dedication can bring.  They were all very understanding and loving toward our youngest son, who has Down syndrome (everyone on the team and the Pit Spitter staff was, too.)  They loved talking about baseball!  And the team…  What a team!  Awesome year, record setting, and championship winning; great baseball!  We cannot wait until next year to do it again!!!

-Richard and Susan Fall

“When we signed up to become a host family we had no idea that it was even going to be something we enjoyed doing, because lets face it who wants to live with a young family with 3 kids! We honestly went into our first season with no expectations. We quickly learned that these boys don’t care about what our home looks like or that we had kids running around! They love having a safe space to relax and a team to play summer ball with! Each player we’ve hosted has turned into more then just a player, they’ve become part of our family and our kids  adored each and every one! We love spending our summers at the park and are already counting down the days until next season! GO PITSPITTERS!!”


                            – Ryan & Shawn Alderman


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