Sports, like baseball, help students develop social and physical skills.  However, intellectual skills are just as important, which is why reading at least 20 minutes a day is so vital!  This is why the Wisconsin Woodchucks take such pride in this program for our community.  After all, it is our young fans that will be leading our community in the years to come!

School Year Game Plan:
· Reading incentive program for K – 5 students
· Program can be any length, we recommend 4-8 weeks, but must conclude by the end of your school year
· Teachers set their own goals (Ex: number of minutes/pages/books read, etc.)
· Each goal coordinates with a base on the track sheet
· Each student that qualifies for a free game ticket must bring their completed track sheet to the ticket window the day of the game or to the Woodchucks front office prior to the game.  Track sheets will only be accepted for the specific Reading Club games, which will be specified on the students’ track sheet
· In order for a track sheet to be considered complete, teacher must fill the base.  You can initial, use stickers, stamps, etc, but the base must be filled out by the teacher
· When students accomplish their goals, they are rewarded with a prize that will be supplied by the Wisconsin Woodchucks and the reading club sponsors
· All materials will be delivered or mailed to your school, excluding game tickets, and food & drink vouchers

· Increased literacy in community schools
· Teachers have the flexibility to use the program to fit their students’ needs
· Students are provided with Wisconsin Woodchucks prizes as added encouragement
· Wisconsin Woodchucks will provide all needed materials
· One FREE Wisconsin Woodchucks game ticket to each student who meets their specific goal

What To Do / How to Get Involved:
If you’re a teacher in the greater Wausau area and didn’t receive an introductory email you may register online here or you can contact our Reading Club Coordinator Traci Wisz at or 715.845.5055.