Website Topper - 99

Looking for a way to use your Woodchucks tickets? How about 99 ways?!
Here's a quick rundown of some exciting ways to share the fun and excitement of a Woodchucks game!

  1. Bring your kids for a night at the ballpark they will always remember!
  2. Take the family out instead of sitting around the TV at home!   Misc. Tickets
  3. Entertain a client!
  4. Enjoy your dinner at the ballpark tonight!
  5. Call a friend that you have not seen in a while!
  6. Invite a customer who has not ordered/done business with you recently!
  7. Show your employees that you appreciate their hard work!
  8. Thank volunteers for all the time and effort they put in!
  9. Help part-time workers feel more like part of the organization!
  10. Say "Thanks" to suppliers and vendors that help you keep your deadlines!
  11. Take a loyal customer as a perk!
  12. Hold a contest to motivate your staff and give the tickets to the employee with the highest sales totals!
  13. Or the employee that generates the most new business!
  14. Or the employee that renews the most current business!
  15. Or the employee that sets up the most appointments!
  16. Or the employee that makes the most sales calls!
  17. Or the employee that takes the least amount of sick days over the course of the year!
  18. Hold a drawing at work and give them to an employee!
  19. Bring a potential contact and boost your career by networking!
  20. Give the tickets to somebody that has helped you advance in your career!
  21. Thank a neighbor who takes care of your pets and mail while you are out of town!
  22. Pass them on to your child's teacher to show your appreciation!
  23. Bond with your parents and remind yourselves of going to ballgames as a child!
  24. Maintain relationships with prospects that could lead to future business!
  25. Bring a prospect that is close to doing business with you, and close the deal at Athletic Park!
  26. Invite one of your smaller accounts out and try to enhance their business with you!
  27. Thank a customer who gives you a referral!
  28. Thank an employee who came up with a way to save money!
  29. Win back an old customer's business!
  30. Reward a customer who spoke highly of you to potential clients!
  31. Invite a potential customer that currently works with a competitor!
  32. Thank a new customer for their business!
  33. Give tickets to the local fire department, and hope that you only see them when they're off the clock!
  34. Give tickets to the local police department to show appreciation for their dangerous job!
  35. Donate tickets to a charity and you can even write it off on your taxes!
  36. Reward a retiring employee for their years of service to your business!
  37. Use them as a birthday present!
  38. Welcome a new employee to the company!
  39. Use them as an anniversary gift!
  40. Offer tickets to your accountant for working hard for you over the years!
  41. Or your lawyer for keeping you out of trouble!
  42. Or your computer technician for keeping you sane!
  43. Or your mailman for never cutting out of work early!
  44. Or your barber for knowing exactly what kind of trim you like!
  45. Or your landscaper for allowing you to avoid mowing the grass on Sundays!
  46. Or your veterinarian for keeping Fido healthy!
  47. Or your dry cleaner for always having your clothes clean and ready on time!
  48. Or your dentist for taking it easy on you!
  49. Or your family doctor for making sure you keep on ticking!
  50. Or your auto mechanic for keeping you on the road without ripping you off!
  51. Or your babysitter for letting you and your spouse enjoy a night acting like adults!
  52. Or your hairdresser for doing your highlights just right!
  53. Give them to a manager whose department has shown an increase in productivity!
  54. Reward a front-line employee who showed exemplary customer service!
  55. Give them to an employee having a rough time outside of the office!
  56. Keep a company intern motivated by expressing appreciation for their hard work!
  57. Show your appreciation to somebody that has done you favors in the past!
  58. Send your employees to a game together to boost company morale!
  59. Share with an employee who does not earn commission!
  60. Donate the tickets to your neighborhood school's annual fundraiser!
  61. Give tickets to your local church or place of worship!
  62. Or Labor Day!
  63. Or Father's Day!
  64. Pass some tickets along to your cleaning crew to show your appreciation!
  65. Hold a raffle!
  66. Share with potential vendors to maintain strong relationships!
  67. Give tickets to the hard-working people in the payroll department!
  68. Or the finance department!
  69. Or the service department!
  70. Or human resources!
  71. Reward the employee that has logged the most overtime hours!
  72. Help your son or daughter's little league coach bring the team to a ballgame!
  73. Give tickets to a club you belong to!
  74. Donate to your favorite charity to be used as an auction item!
  75. Trade tickets for services and save yourself some cash!
  76. Send tickets with a "Get Well Soon" card!
  77. Share them with your favorite lunch spot!
  78. Give them to a restaurant that you often take clients to!
  79. Use them to strike up a relationship with a place of business you would like to visit more often!
  80. Use them as an ice breaker when approaching a potential new client!
  81. Offer tickets to your secretary!
  82. Pass them along to out-of-town visitors looking for something to do!|
  83. Invite a coworker who you have a difficult time getting to know!
  84. Say "thanks" to a customer that always has their account paid in full on time!
  85. Reward your most punctual employee!
  86. Take your brother or sister out!
  87. When is the last time you saw Grandpa?!
  88. Reward an employee who was praised by a customer for outstanding service!
  89. Take out your recreational league team!
  90. Celebrate your kids' next birthday at the ballpark!
  91. Take advantage of the most affordable, family-friendly entertainment in town!
  92. Leave a pair of tickets for the garbage collectors on trash day!
  93. Merry Christmas!
  94. Happy Hanukkah!
  95. Give tickets to the 15th customer that makes a purchase at your business tomorrow!
  96. Take a date!
  97. Surprise your wife with a night away from the kids!
  98. Include tickets in a "thank you" card!