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Published On: May 8th, 2024

MANKATO, MN – 39 days and counting until the start of the season and the roster continues to fill up with talent. Riley Stiles is currently pitching at Rock Valley College who is throwing her fastball at 61-63 mph and her changeup at 42-45mph. These contrasting speeds make her a challenging opponent for hitters, as her fastball brings heat while her changeup keeps them guessing. With a skill set like this, Stiles is expected to make a significant impact on the Habaneros’s success this season.

She has four seasons of club experience under her belt with the Wisconsin Heat and Wisconsin Slammers where she threw a 10 strikeout no hitter at an 18U tournament. Her overhand throw velocity is sitting at 62mph, and her ball exit speed is at 72mph. She is looking to make an impact throughout her collegiate career to better both herself and her team.

With her proven track record at the club level and her continued growth at Rock Valley College, Stiles’s potential seems boundless. As she is looking to make an impact on the team this summer, she will undoubtedly use her pitching ability and competitive spirit to drive the team toward victory, all while setting new personal milestones and building lasting momentum for the season ahead.


Leveraging the 30-year success of the Northwoods League, the first for-profit Summer Collegiate Baseball League, Northwoods League Softball (NWLS) will be the first for-profit Women’s Summer Collegiate Softball League beginning play in the Upper Midwest in the summer of 2024.  The purpose of the League will be to develop players for their college, Olympic and future professional play.  Teams will be promoted similar to minor league baseball teams, playing games in front of fans in a fun, friendly, family-oriented environment.