What is Northwoods League Softball?2023-05-16T08:17:25-05:00

Leveraging the 30-year success of the Northwoods League, the first for-profit Summer Collegiate Baseball League, Northwoods League Softball (NWLS) will be the first for-profit Women’s Summer Collegiate Softball League beginning play in the Upper Midwest in the summer of 2024.  The purpose of the League will be to develop players for their college, Olympic and future professional play.  Teams will be promoted similar to minor league baseball teams, playing games in front of fans in a fun, friendly, family-oriented environment.

Who Can Play Northwoods League Softball?2023-05-16T08:18:01-05:00

All athletes that have softball college eligibility remaining.  Select graduated High School players admitted to college will also be eligible for play.

When does the season run and how many games will be played?2024-03-26T12:31:19-05:00

A 42-game season will begin in mid-June and run until early August.  Check out the full schedule.

What is the recruitment process for a Northwoods League Softball Team?2024-03-26T12:24:32-05:00

Each team recruits their 16-person roster (typically 4 Pitchers, 3 Catchers, 4 Infielders, 4 Outfielders, and a Utility/DH).  The contract signature window is open and applications to play are being accepted now.  Invited players will be sent a digital Uniform Player Contract to fill out.  Click HERE to submit an application, or contact one of our teams/coaches today for more information.

What does it cost to play Northwoods League Softball?2023-05-16T08:14:53-05:00

Each full-season player will pay $305 to play.  Players will be provided housing with host families in their respective home cities, travel to and from away games by charter bus, hotel accommodations on the road and three daily meals while traveling.  The League will also cover the cost of all uniforms, catcher’s equipment, balls, bats, and umpires.  Players may bring their own bats for in-game use.  Players are responsible for travel to and from their respective League city at the beginning and end of the season.

Who will coach NWLS teams?2024-04-20T22:29:33-05:00

Typically, up and coming college coaches and former coaches will coach NWLS teams.  Learn more about the 2024 head coaches: La Crosse Steam, Madison Night Mares, Mankato Habaneros and Minot Honeybees.

Will NWLS games be available via streaming?2024-04-20T22:27:53-05:00

NWLS games will be streamed using a 4-camera HD production that is available in all League venues.

“The creation of this new league is a testament to the growing popularity and demand for the game!  I’m beyond excited to see what this league provides for the next generation of players.”

Lexie Blair, OF, Michigan, 2021 Big Ten Player of the Year

“We have seen tremendous growth in interest in women’s softball in recent years, and we are excited to be able to provide a platform for female athletes to continue to hone their skills and compete at a high level during the summer months.”

Kathy Radatz, Chairman/Co-Founder
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