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This kind of exposure can not be DVRed. No one can change the station. It’s advertising AND being involved in the community all wrapped into one. It includes tools that your HR department, marketing department, sales department, and PR department will love. And the best part is, we show you how it will measurably impact your bottom line.


It’s called the Swiss Army Knife Sponsorship Package. Interested in hearing more?

In running the Minot softball team, we do a lot of things far differently than other teams. Those things that we do differently make a major impact on the success of our sponsorships.

The most important thing we do differently is the positioning of our product. We target families, families, families, and when we get tired thinking of families, we think of families some more! This positioning dictates our ticket strategy which dictates our ticket packages. And what we’ve found, is that when you have a lot of fans with ticket packages, they develop a vested interest in the team. When more fans have a vested interest in the team, it’s far easier to get them involved in a sponsor’s promotion.

We also have far fewer sponsors than most teams. By doing this, we eliminate clutter, eliminate competition, and allow our exclusive sponsors to not only dominate the game experience, but ultimately use the power and emotional draw of sports to engage fans and measurably impact their bottom line.

Our approach is unique. It’s not your average sponsorship. If you’re interested in learning more, please fill out the form below. I look forward to meeting you in-person to talk more.


Monica Hocking
General Manager & Managing Partner