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Published On: November 16th, 2023

Baseball is cool again in the Creek

One team left baseball in this town dead. The Jacks are here to revive it.

By Denny Smith, General Manager

Let me paint a picture for you: Cracker Jacks, popcorn, ice cream, summer nights, hot dogs, cold beer, the crack of the bat, the excitement in the grandstands. The sport that captured the hearts of thousands in the Battle Creek area is cool, once again. America’s national pastime has been a longstanding tradition in Battle Creek. Dating back to the 1800’s, the city’s best players put on awe inspiring performances playing the sport they loved in front of fans they loved.

However, it hasn’t always been the perfect picture painted above. This community was rocked pretty hard by a global pandemic, and its impact also changed their baseball team. The Battle Creek Bombers had been a staple for nearly 15 years, but unfortunately, had to close its doors due to lowering attendance and fans losing love for this city’s pastime. Needless to say, baseball got stale – and that’s where we come in.

Bombers fans enjoy an empty stadium in a dying era

Battle Jacks fans enjoy a completely sold out game in 2023

With the resurrection of baseball in 2022, we promised the City of Battle Creek that those good old days of America’s national pastime would not die out. By bringing back an exhilarating atmosphere, competitive baseball, and a “for the fans” attitude that this community had been longing for, baseball, once again, is cool again in Battle Creek.

Because of this, we wanted to celebrate. We designed an incredible, affordable, totally awesome membership as a way to reward our best fans and to bring even more new fans to our ballpark. We call it the Meijer Kennel Club 5-pack plan. Long are the days where only the first 500 fans get a special gift but instead, our very best, most awesome fans get FREE gifts every year which makes it the perfect gift this holiday season.

Check out what’s included and why it’s the perfect Christmas gift for you and your family:

  1. All You Can Eat. That’s right, we’re talking all the hot dogs, all the brats, all the burgers, chips, sodas and water you could possibly imagine. We’re even including your very own fast lane pass exclusive to Kennel Club members so you can skip the line.
  2. Free Gifts. Receive your very own team jersey and hat for free. It’s the perfect gift to include under the tree. ($50 value)
  3. Our 5 Best Games. We like to go all out when it comes to our theme nights. We’re talking top tier entertainment acts, specialty jersey nights, throwback nights, you name it. We’re giving you first dibs at the 5 best nights of the summer.
  4. Only $25 to Start. We’re throwing you a bone this holiday season and only charging $25 now, with the rest of the cost on a pay-as-you-go structure after the new year.
  5. Ticket Exchange Program. Can’t make it to a game? No problem. Swap out your unused tickets for any other regular home game of the season of your choice based on your schedule.
  6. Highly Affordable Family Fun. All of this will only cost you $18. If you walked up on the day of the game you’d pay $14 without any of what’s offered here. No free food, no gifts, no discounts. Help us help you!
  7. Year Round Events. Enjoy any of our FREE offseason events at some of the coolest spots in town.
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