What can you expect as a Northwoods League Player?  The Northwoods League is THE summer baseball destination for collegiate players – providing a superior player experience, coupled with unparalleled technology in support of player development and visibility. 

Game Video

Every ballpark is equipped with 4-camera HD video production to support live streaming of games for friends and family to enjoy, free-of-charge on the NWL website*.  Additionally, games are archived* to allow on-demand access for game review by players and coaches. (*some exclusions may apply).

Trackman Data

Trackman radars collect data on Northwoods League players throughout the season, which MLB teams have the opportunity to access.

3-Person Umpire Crews

The NWL provides the highest level of commitment to officiating outside of Triple-A and Double-A baseball, with 3-person crews and three umpire supervisors training and evaluating umpires throughout the season.

All-Star Game 

This marquee event is a showcase for Players.  Team Coaches and Media vote for the All-Star Game players.

Game Action 

A 72-game season provides plenty of opportunities for at-bats and innings; closely replicating a minor league experience. 35-man rosters allow for more opportunities to play, plus depth at pitching. Strict pitching guidelines provide additional protections for pitchers.

Ballpark Atmosphere 

Northwoods League ballparks are entertainment centers in their communities, drawing more than one million fans annually. Players and coaches feel the excitement from the fan experience – making a summer in The ‘Woods a memorable one. 

What are Former Players Saying?

For me it was a time where I really got to break out and shine.” – 3-Time Cy Young Winner Max Scherzer, on his experience playing in the Northwoods League for the La Crosse Loggers