Are you a people person? Are you a person of integrity with a good work ethic? If so, a summer job with La Crosse Softball may be for you!
As an employee, you will experience a unique opportunity to be a “team player” in a sports setting. This experience will allow you to be a part of our summer league duties for 20 home games.
La Crosse Softball values a positive attitude, helpfulness, friendliness, and a desire to be of service to our customers – our fans! We also value hard work on a daily basis and a commitment to the organization and our goals.
As an employment expectation, you will be given proper support and training to develop skills needed to work in this fast-paced environment. This will include mandatory education meetings to allow for training in the various park settings.
For ALL our employees, we want your summer experience to be more than just a summer job. We would want you to embrace the summer and create lifetime skills and many awesome memories!
If employment is desired, please fill out the digital application below. We look forward to hearing from you!
If you are interested in an internship experience, check out the Loggers Internship Program or email

Employment Application

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